If you are a computer user then a slow running computer may make you impatience. For a person it is very difficult work with a slow computer. Generally the number of usage of computer increases rapidly due to its working principle and speed. So some people may have question like how to fix slow computer. There are many different reasons for the slow computer.

Computer is a great thing when it runs fast and it is the biggest headache when it starts to run slow. This is only problem almost every computer gets, it you neglect the nip it in the bud then it will become worse than anything. You can able to find much solution for slow computer fix. For fixing your computer there is no need to get computer science degree, a basic knowledge on computer is enough to overcome this trouble. Many people thing that the best way to speed up their computer is to upgrading it but it is expensive and sometimes never works.


One of the biggest reasons why your computer runs slow is the software inside it. If you are an internet user then without your knowledge there are many software may downloaded on your computer. Some of the tips to fix this problem are: the first thing you are in need to do is try to delete all the unwanted and temporary internet files. These types of files many add up quickly as you are surfing the internet. If the number of files increases then the speed of your computer decreased rapidly. Hence it is better to delete all those files.

The next thing is it is necessary to delete al the unwanted start up programs. These type of programs starts up every time you start your computer and wasting your valuable time for your computer to fully load. So it is needed to delete all those unnecessary start up programs. One of the other programs that help you to make your computer faster is to repair your disk error. If you are not aware of this then one of the easiest way to do this is just right click on your c drive and click on properties and then click tools. Then click on check now option to start the process. This will greatly increase your working speed of your computer. These are some of the effective tips that help you to fix your slow computer. Just make use of these tips and make your computer to work fast.

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