There are different operating systems for computers, and every user prefers to work on a specific operating system only. There are many users who love to work on Windows 8 as it is known for its easy to use interface and excellent dashboard. Considering the users of Windows 8, there are many printer producers who offer printers which are compatible with this system. Usually to install a printer is almost easy on every system but in Windows 8 it is a little different as this system overall is known for its easy utility for the users.

In case one gets a new printer, the obvious question comes how to set up a printer in Windows 8. Well, it is not a challenging task as one just needs to follow a few steps, and the job will be done. Usually, with the printer, there is a Disc provided by the maker which is just like plug and play, and hence one can easily install the printer. The steps are provided here that one needs to follow and see the encouraging result of getting the prints easily.

  • The user first needs to go for the windows and check for the search. Here one can also take help from the shortcut. One needs to press “Windows key+ W, ” and the search option will get opened. Now, one needs to find the option of printers and devices. One can also visit the power user menu and go to the control panel from there. IN the control panel one needs to find the option of devices and printers.
  • Here one needs to click on the option of My Wireless Printer. One needs to double click on it, and the option of printer properties will be open. Here one can get the option of Printer Management. One needs to click on the option of printer properties.
  • Now once the printer properties is selected one needs to visit the General Tab where the option of print test page is provided. One needs to click the same to check if the print test paper is printed or not. If the print is successful, it means the printer is ready to work now. On the basis of the test page now one can set the settings to have the printouts as required.

If the above steps cannot help as expected, one can try to uninstall the printer and reinstall the same. Another reason for not working of the printer is the device drivers. One may uninstall the drivers and reinstall the same. In the case of uninstallation of the printer or uninstallation of the device drivers, one needs to restart the printer as well as the system. Even after the installation of drivers as well as the printer one needs to restart the system so that the drivers, as well as a printer, can take expected effect. However, even after all these steps, the printer is not set to Windows 8 one needs to call an expert to help.

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