Email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing techniques in the shed of a marketer. It can be used for a variety of different marketing goals. One of the more important goals in email marketing is building customer loyalty.

Thanks to digital marketing, many objectives which were earlier seen as being too lofty and difficult have suddenly been simplified. Marketers have a much easier task when it comes to finding and reaching their audience. Technology has been the force behind the simplification in marketing. We are seeing more and more instances of companies deploying effective marketing campaigns.

One marketing objective that has become tougher to obtain is customer loyalty.

In this day and age, a loyal customer is a rare commodity. Supplied by options and choices in every field, customers no longer have a financial incentive to stick with one brand. This makes it harder for marketers to improve the retention rate of customers. Retail brands have suffered the most due to the increasing trend of disappearing customer loyalty.

So how does a brand build customer loyalty? There are many different ways to keep customers and make them stick with the brand despite changes in price and perception. In this article, we explore email marketing as a way of maintaining customer loyalty.

Why Email Marketing Works in the Age of Social Media?

The first question one should ask is – why is email marketing even significant in the age of social media?

Email marketing was slated to die an agonizing death a decade back by most experts. Many believed platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn would replace email for communication and marketing purposes.

Instead, email marketing has managed to remain a reliable platform for marketing. This is because email serves a special need that most other social media channels do not. Email is an ideal platform for users with a longer attention span seeking refuge from the rapid information overlay of social media. This is why email marketing has managed to thrive in the age of social media.

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Why Does Email Marketing Work for Improving Customer Loyalty?

The best way to gain the loyalty of customers in this day and age is by providing them content.

Content is the universal language of digital marketing. Almost every little part of digital marketing, from SEO to SEM and social media has a hint of content playing a defining role.

Customer loyalty is not something bestowed upon brands. It has to be earned over time.

 By creating informative and engaging email campaigns, brands can embed their presence in the psyche of recipients and make sure their names become synonymous with the target audience. Ultimately, customer loyalty is useful only in highly competitive fields where every brand tries to monopolize the attention of its audience. Content can play a defining role in this process and email marketing is the perfect vehicle to deliver said content.

Final Words

In this article, we discussed the role of email marketing in enhancing customer loyalty.

About the Author – Kanika Soni is a digital marketer and content strategist with three years of experience in the field. He currently writes for Eduburg, best-known as digital marketing institute in Delhi.

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