There have been a lot of rumors and speculations that are circling around the Star Wars the Old Republic. Some say that the end of the LucasArts Star Wars games would be the end of the prepaid gaming credits that are available. Others say the whole system will be converted to pay-to-play and all players will have to buy their swtor credits before they can play. No one seems to know for sure which is true. It’s time we find out though.

We all know that the Star Wars the Old Republic is a multiplayer online role playing game. It is not like any other games in the market where you need to buy your own credits to be able to play. You will need to create an account with the Jedi council, a government agency, in order to start playing the game. This is where the money comes in since you will be spending some of your real life money in order to purchase various stuff and upgrades for the game.

As mentioned, the entire Star Wars the Old Republic system will be converted to a pay-to-play model. You will have to buy your credits from Jabba the Hutt who will be charging them from 30K credits to buy your first ship or character. You’ll also have to buy training materials which will help you level up fast in the game. Each time you level up, you will be gaining credits that you can use to buy more credits for future play sessions. This will keep the entire process going until you’ve exhausted your credits and you’re unable to purchase anything else. You can’t get more credits until you’ve played the game several times.

It is understandable though why there will be a transition from traditional credit purchases to a pay-to-play system. After all, traditional credits used to buy game discs, upgrade items and other benefits were quite helpful in levelling up faster and earning more rewards. Some of the players even used these credits to buy ships and characters that were specifically designed to be stronger or more useful. But as the games become more complicated, more players started to question whether it would be wiser to pay to play instead of grinding or waiting for their turn to buy credits.

Thankfully, The Old Republic gives you an alternative to grinding for credits in the game. Instead of doing so, you can simply participate in battles or go on quests while collecting credits at the same time. This way, the time it takes to earn credits by simply playing the game won’t be too much. You can also spend the same credits to upgrade your ship in the game which increases your overall capabilities and allows you to fight more difficult bosses.

However, even with the option to play the game for free, some players still opt to buy the game. The reason is that they want to be able to maximize the power of their character in the best possible way. After all, having an efficient Jedi in the game will make a significant difference in the chances of winning or losing a battle. And the good news is that this will be visible to other players, allowing you to test out the strengths and weaknesses of your character in the Star Wars galaxy. You can also check other game like ESO before playing.

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