The console game industry grew rapidly in popularity and interest in the early 1980s. During this time, there were quite a few gaming systems on the market. In those days, only one person could easily develop a full-fledged game in a few months. But with the growing popularity of the console industry, as well as the demand, the programmers who took advantage of this began to create much more video games in a shorter period of time. The result was a model of mistakes, games from low-quality layouts, in which consumer interest in the console industry gradually decreased. The industry, which was actually spending money, suggesting that the amazing growth rate would be constantly maintained, collapsed. In 1984 and 1985, the home video game leaderboard trackerindustry was almost dead, and entertainment machines continued to be profitable at low speeds.

Small business that shook the industry

People brought together three important events in the way video games were created and sold. Firstly, they tightly controlled who could and who could not produce the names of the games for their car. Anyone who wants to play games on their system must obtain permission. They wanted to know that the publisher was reliable and would support their products.

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Then they set very good quality standards. Obtaining a license to develop games for your system was not enough to start pumping games, your own procedures, in which, if you are producing for your system, your product must be carefully analyzed before giving it a green light to make its affordable. Several independent publishers complain about this for the reason that also published its own games and, therefore, the testing process gives them the expected idea of ​​what their competitors are doing. However, they took into account their own reputation in each video game published with their logo. They do not want their name to appear in a poorly designed game and to learn more stats checker for Fortnite.

Industry leading

With all these types of policies, standards, and guidelines, he limited the number of games in his own system available at any time. Since bad and poor-quality games are significantly reduced, which will undoubtedly lead to lower prices, a second drop is likely to be very unlikely.

Policies paved the way for its prosperity and made a significant contribution to helping the console industry emerge from the well in which it found itself. Since then, all companies that have manufactured console machines have followed comparable rules, and the industry has continued to grow and grow. Today, the industry is in constant growth, and it is very unlikely that another collapse will occur at this point; If a collapse occurs, it will be associated with different factors compared to the first.

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