Are you planning to start your own hosting business?

Starting with reseller hosting business is a great way to start a business. It is the best way to setup your own hosting company with low budget and you can earn a good amount of money through reseller hosting.

You just need to have a proper plan and check out your requirements and features of hosting company from where you are going to buy the hosting services.Also, most importantly do check whether that hosting company provides you complete manageability features and other benefits also.

If you are setting up your own servers and hiring engineers it may cost you excessively. The simplest solution for this issue is to buy the hosting services from a reputed web hosting company and then resell it according to your profit.

In this way, you will earn money and also be your own boss and get your business with minimal people working on it. That’s right if you are reselling from another brand then that company will provide you complete server maintenance and uptime guarantee in case of downtime.

Without investing more, you can start your own hosting business via reseller hosting.

In reseller hosting, you can use the resources of a parent web hosting provider and resell those resources as if they belong to your own web hosting company.

MilesWeb offers white labeled Linux Reseller hosting that means you can resell hosting services with your own brand name and you can also put your own logo. This means you are the decider of your hosting product’s price.

  1. Which reseller hosting is best for hosting business?

You can search for some good companies which offer reseller hosting then you can select a web hosting brand which is trustful and offers best services and profit to you.

So, after researching around different reseller hosting companies and comparing the reseller hosting plans of different brands, I found out that MilesWeb offers the best Windows Reseller hosting among all. You may search for many brands but ultimately you will end up choosing MilesWeb because of their amazing features and plans that impact your growth also.

You can customize plans and pricing according to your choice in reseller hosting.

Reseller hostingWindows Reseller hosting

Below are the steps to get started with reseller hosting:

  1. Design a web hosting site.
  2. Select the hosting provider you want to get start.
  3. Sign up for the reseller hosting plan you want.
  4. Give Brand to your reseller account.
  5. Set prices for your hosting plans as you want.
  6. Start reselling it and earn good profit.

MilesWebReseller Hosting Package Offers –

  • MilesWeb offers: White Label option
  • SSD: MilesWeb provides Unlimited SSD which increases the performance and improves load times.
  • IP: Internet Protocol which is your internet return address
  • WHMCS: You need Billing software for receiving payments yo get it with plan.
  • Domain Reseller A/C: You can Sell extensions and TLDs by becoming a domain reseller.
  • cPanel: Web hosting control panel that allows you to control your website(s).
  • 24/7 Support: MilesWeb is always there to ensure if any problem or issues arises or any technical queries. You can connect them via live chat, email, etc.

“Let’s have a look at best reseller hosting features –MilesWeb”

MilesWeb is hosted on Amazon Server (AWS)

MilesWeb provides all plans under Amazon Web services. This is one of the main reasons I would like to choose MilesWeb. AWS servers are trusted and reliable than any other server providing company. AWS itself has tons of security experts which preventDDOS attacks or hacking. So you should just relax because your website is in safe hands and also additional services that MilesWeb is offeringare far more worthy and money saving.

  1. FREE SSL certificate

MilesWeb offers free SSL certificate to your customers for their website security. You can easily attract the audience. SSL certificate is the basic requirement and MilesWeb offers it for free

  1. SSD servers with Lite-Speed Cache

In addition to the high speed servers of Amazon, they provide SSD drives and Lite speed cache technology. All this combination is what you exactly need to get your clients’ trust in terms of speed and reliability.

  1. Top Notch Support

Got a problem? If your website speed is slow? Then you cancontactto MilesWeb website via live chat, email. They are having 24x7support you get immediate response by their team which is active and you would be safe while hosting with them they won’t leave your issues left. They are pretty quick in solving problems.

  1. Cloudfare CDN

MilesWeb provides free Cloud fare CDN to its customers. With the use of Cloud fare your website runs faster and secure. Most hosting providers do not provide this feature,it might create agood impact if you opt for MilesWeb reseller hosting.

  1. Billing Software

MilesWeb provides free billing software to their customers such as WHMCS and the really amazing part is that the plan that is having the free WHMCS software which is really incomparable in terms of money and features. MilesWeb provides this plan at budget friendly prices that you can’t getanywhere.

  1. Customized Plan –

Customers are mostly looking for specific hosting plans which can make their business requirements easy. Your reseller hosting plans must allow customization so that your customers can customize and make their own plan & solutions. This also helps you sell better and increase your profit and clients.

Signup today with MilesWeband Get free .com Domain

MilesWebprovide free .com domain with Value and Unlimited plan which other hosting company can’t offer to you. So, I guess you are ready to get started with your own hosting company with minimum investment.

Check out the Reseller plans of MilesWeb –

Windows Reseller hosting

How much will be your profit?

You can earn a good profit. This profit is coming directly to you without any money deduction. You may also resell their Windows plan and get your good profit. You can set the pricing structure by yourself and sell the plans according to your profit.


So, let’s calculate what it will actually take to open your own hosting company. Let’s say if you have purchased the starter unlimited bronze plan at Rs.290per month for 12 months that means it will cost you around Rs.3480 per year. You can earn good amount of profit with MilesWeb hosting company which is best in India and around the globe offering global data center.

With MilesWeb, you can earn handsome amount of money through reseller hosting which helps your business grow and also ensure your stability and growth in income. You are whole and sole authority provider and for support MilesWeb will always be with you for any issues and support.

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