TheGigabit is one of Malaysia’s oldest Web Hosting companies that have an unshakable track record providing above-industry-average and affordable webhosting solutions across and beyond major parts of Asia, Australia, and North American continents. It’s the ultimate destination for customers looking for timely and top-in-the-line hosting and IT services like Backup and Disaster recovery, Cloud servers, Anti-DDoS, Online Securities like Web application Firewall, Domain Name, Virtual Servers, IP Transit, System integration, server location, dedicated servers, and clustered servers. What makes us stand out from the crowd as the best web hosting Malaysia is our incredible multi-language and support services.

Experienced And Talented Team Of IT and Hosting Gurus

The founding developers and members found at TheGigabit have unlimited industry experience. Each of the IT and hosting specialists working at TheGigabit has more than half a decade of industry experience. As for our team of employees, they regularly undergo rigid training to familiarize with new industry innovations and professional business ethics.  The least you can expect when you entrust us with your web hosting and IT management needs is world-class solutions that will go a long way in changing your website and business performance.

Guarantee Of Timely Around The Clock Support Services

Our team of expert customer representatives is available on an around-the-clock basis to help solve all your website-related and hosting issues on an immediate basis. It doesn’t matter the issues you want to be solved and the time you reach out for help. Our team of the best web hosting Malaysia customer representatives is readily available and professionally prepared to attend to all your queries and give you lasting solutions to all website and hosting issues.

best web hosting Malaysia

Offers High-quality Hardware And Datacenter Networks

TheGigabit prides to have the best network of servers that are tactically stored in topnotch datacenters all across Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. All our hosting equipment and servers meet and exceed the average-industry-standards.  As if that’s not enough, we professionally manage the hosting platform and the network of servers on your behalf to allow your business to grow without the need to make regular updates to your existing hosting platform.

Offers Optimal Uptime And Reliability

All our servers and hosting platforms are technically and logically managed from a logical point by a team of specialists.  Our IT and hosting specialists have the knowledge and expertise required to monitor the progress and performance of these servers to guarantee 100% uptime and keep server downtimes as low as possible. Besides our unequitable server uptime, our team is always on the watch to attend to any bucks and errors that may occur.

We Offer Budget-Friendly Packages

What’s more interesting about working with us is that you won’t have to pay way more than your budget allows. We pride to be the cheapest website hosting and IT services provider in Malaysia that doesn’t compromise on quality.  With our packages starting at a budget-friendly rate of 40Malaysian Ringgit per month, we cater for budgets and needs of each of our customers regardless of their budgets.

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