Having a wireless internet connection is very convenient nowadays. You do not need to have any more trouble with LAN or internet cable wires. You only need to connect to the network with your device and you will have instant internet access.

However, some people find trouble with respect to their wireless internet connection. They complain about slow internet speeds when in fact they availed the faster internet connection services. One cause for this may be an unsecured wireless internet. If your wireless connection is not secures, there is a high probability that you are not the only one connecting to your network. Other people around you may be enjoying the free internet access you are giving to them without your permission. Now in order to secure your connection, this article will teach you how.

Change Default Username and Password

Once you have availed an internet connection service from an internet service provider or ISP. You will most likely be given a router or the wireless network device. At first, this device will provide the internet access with a default username or password. Usually this information is attached on the device itself. If other people will be able to see this information, they will be able to connect to your internet even without asking for your permission. Therefore, after availing an internet connection, you should change the default username and password of the device into your own likings. This way you will be able to ensure that only you and the people you permitted to gain access to your network will be the only ones to connect to your internet.

Protected Access and Wireless Key

To secure your network, you can also make use of two of the most widely used wireless security methods which are the WPA and WPA2. Using these wireless security methods, you can select an encryption method of your choice. Select a password that you like, preferably the one you can always remember but will still be complicated to be guessed.

Router Function

Another way to secure your wireless network is to make sure that your wireless router is functioning well. You may not know that your router is already broken that it provides free wireless fidelity to everyone. So make sure to always check the state of your router. You should also rely on the tool called charter speed test to always check the speed of your internet access. You will be able to identify whether your internet speed matches the speed that you are paying for to your internet service provider.

The website http://seotoolstation.com/provides an internet speed test tool which is reliable enough to give you measures of your internet connection speeds both for your upload and download bandwidth.

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