Let us try and guess- you’re probably trying to get your SaaS or ‘Software as a Service’ project to reach more people and gain a larger number of customers, but unfortunately, it getting you no more than an average amount of users. No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to have your business grow any more than the physical effort you make each time.

If you think there’s something stopping your service from growing into success; well, you’re right. There are a lot of things that are responsible for businesses being able to receive the huge number of users and customers they sometimes do, and the only thing that makes any of the strategies these businesses apply is correct implementation. However, there still are a number of things you should make sure to not leave out when marketing your SaaS product.

The following are some tips you can follow in order to improve your SaaS marketing:

Target Your Audience

Identify the community that will show greater interest in your service, and make greater efforts to get your SaaS product to be discovered by them than anyone else. You should prioritize your business on fulfilling the needs of a target audience rather than everyone else, because people who aren’t as interested in your product aren’t likely to end up as long-term users either.

Let them know what you’re giving them

You should make sure that all your users stay completely aware of everything that you’re offering them, as well as everything that you’re not. Users who end up discovering that whatever that had believed they’d receive are likelier to get disappointed. Moreover, you should also make sure to mention everything that you are offering. Finding out that a service is just a trial version without being prepared for it surely doesn’t feel so good.


Don’t Exploit Expectations

Always let your users know what you’re not giving them. Giving something unexpected to your users is the worst possible experience you can give tem, and it can badly affect the success of your product. If it’s a trial or a limited version, make sure that your customers know about it in all cases.

Remove Usage Barriers

It can sometimes be hard to sign up to a service. In many cases, this causes potential users to give up, and not want to try again, because they know it’ll give them a hard time. Make it really easy for your users to sign up. Add compatible platforms, and one-click sign up options.

Make Sharing Easier

Unless it’s really easy, people will rarely waste their time in promoting your service. Make sure it’s really convenient for your users to share your service and content through other platforms, and that they don’t have to waste time copying links and connecting accounts.

Involve Yourself

Build communication with your users. Interact with your customers as often as you can and as far as possible, avoid automated responses and try to build human conversation. This will help you build trust in your users, and further promote your service. Invest whenever you need to; for example, you can get services like http://gromode.com/sectors/saas-marketing/ to do your marketing for you when you can’t efficiently.

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