SEO is a dynamic discipline – no single tactic or standardize approach for sustainable rankings. Instead, if you need good search rankings, you need to be aware of and leverage these key areas:

  1. Link
  2. Content
  3. Social Media Marketing.

Each of them work in synchronization to give you the best results on search engines. Here’s what search engine optimization services Canada had to say about each of the key areas.


Inbound Links

Link building is actually a combination of SEO tactics that refers to hyperlink creation from other websites to your own website. This is done for the purpose of directing external readers towards your content. The quality and quantity of links is critical for search engine algorithms.

Modern-day search marketers have a different mindset though. They are now more into earning links then building some of their own. Best sites are focusing more on developing brand in the market, rather than building links.

This approach, combined with creating high quality content has become ethical, in fact a standard and effective approach to raise search rankings.

Content Strategy

Content strategy is the NEW SEO according to content marketers and SEO experts. In the wake of Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, content marketers have been forced to rethink their marketing campaigns. This implies to the shift of thinking from tactically-focused to strategically-focused. Not to forget about the emphasis on quality content production as well as publication.

Content strategy isn’t limited to publishing high quality content. It also includes the following:

  • The content that is already there on the website
  • Ensuring that the content is optimized for technical SEO
  • Future published content should also follow these standards.

Once you have made sure all the technical aspects have been taken care of, you can develop a successful content strategy. One more thing to be done before writing and publishing a content is, you have to understand your target market. This will help you choose proper words and phrases for your content.

This calls for a good keyword data – what your readers and users use to search your brand. You need to make sure you have all answers to their queries. If you find holes in the website – phrases or keywords, create blog posts, e-books, articles and white papers to cover that hole. So, you can create a lot of content in the following manner:

Social Media

Social media is critical these days, because:

  • It gives companies an additional platform to interact with customers,
  • It build their brand, and
  • It creates a community,
  • It does all while driving traffic to their website.

Here are two more things to remember when making SMM strategy

  • Based on the target market, SM strategies are different from company to company. It’s important to find where your target audience is, and to concentrate efforts on those social networks.
  • While SEO campaigns are mainly performed to attract new customers and raise awareness of a business within organic search results, social media focuses on maintaining customers and strengthening relationships with them through strategic engagement.


Finally, here’s the SEO face for you from now onwards:

  • Integrated framework for regular and high-quality content that establish authority.
  • Social media for promoting content
  • Focus on link-earning more than link-building for long term success.

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