If your content is interesting, you’ll attract more people to your website. More visitors mean potential customers, people whom you can pitch, win over and keep. It is a wonder why more people aren’t concentrating on developing rock solid content. Here is how to get that done.

Choose Your Subject

You have your niche, but there are any number of subjects you can cover. You should have an ongoing list of topics that can be developed over time. Work on that list first and then start on your first article.

For instance, if you are a master gardener there are certain subjects that are timely and should be published to coincide with the seasons. Right around Thanksgiving would be the ideal time to publish an article about Christmas greeneries. You might share tips on what greeneries to cut in the yard, how to keep a cut Christmas tree around through the holidays or discuss various cultivars.

In early winter, you can turn your attention to ordering seeds. The first seed catalogs arrive in gardener’s homes immediately after Christmas and people will begin ordering by early January. You might point out which seeds can be started inside to get a jump on the season and discuss other spring preparation tips.


Perform Thorough Research

With the Internet it is so easy to find information, tap a source, write your article and hope for the best. That rushed approach will not help you. You must invest ample time to come up with a winning and interesting article advises LocalSEOCompanies.com.

Certainly, not every article on your website has to knock it out of the park. When you’re ready to write pillar content, your homework must reflect your best efforts. Kind of like doing a research paper for school and with that intensity.

It is important that you choose several sources, interviewing some personally as you assemble your research. Use the same research practices you learned while in college, carefully offering attribution and citing sources. Your article will take on a professional tone and attract more readers. If it is especially good, you can expect people to reference it.

Write Your Article

With your research done, write an outline. Then, begin to write your article. The outline should cover your salient points. Your first draft should expound upon those points.

Your draft should reflect the style and approach you intend to take with your article. Be bold here and write freely. Worry about grammar, spelling and sentence structure later.

Once your first draft is done, begin to clean it up to cover those areas that you brushed over earlier. It is good to sleep on it between drafts and between your final copy and your published article. Include all the references, photos, charts and diagrams you intend to use before publishing. Make sure that it is press ready. Consider having another set of eyes to view your work.

Market Your Article

Now that your article has been published, you want to share it with other people. These individuals include everyone on your email list as well as your social media contacts, including Facebook and Twitter. Learn what days and time are best to tweet or share your information.

Keep a sharp eye out on your web analytics. You may find that one site is performing especially well, another site not as much. Your referrals can also show you who is sending traffic to your site. If you allow comments, make sure that you respond and keep the conversation going. Permit people to ask their questions too.

Final Thoughts

As for writing better content that everyone likes, there may be a few people that won’t like anything you write. And they would be your competition who see that you’ve gamed them and are stealing away their customers through your stellar writing efforts.

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