It is no surprise that the coronavirus outbreak has badly impacted small businesses. Even worse, the economic collapse predictions have left many businesses confused and convinced that there is nothing else that they could do. But, it’s not the end. We all have to accept the new normalcy and start to live accordingly. Things will get back to normal one day and in the meantime, you can use SEO Sydney to sustain your business in different ways effectively.

Don’t let your business quarantined! Use SEO wisely and stand out of the crowd.

Communicate abundantly

Whether your business is deemed as essential or non-essential service, one of the best things that any local business can do is to provide accurate information to their community.

You must have known the importance of GMB as a local business. GMB plays a significant role in bridging the gaps between brands and the public. Updating your GMB profile is crucial, especially during this new normal. In fact, Google came up with the several key features during the lockdown, allowing updating the operating hours, COVID -19 update, and much more. Make sure name, phone number, and hours of operation are up-to-date in your GMB profile. Also, make your location accessible on the Google map.

Target coronavirus-related keywords

One of the clever SEO strategies is to target trending terms to boost your traffic. While broad search terms will allow you to compete against global and big brands like Forbes and BBC, long-tail, niche-specific keywords related to the coronavirus can help boost your rankings in search engine result pages. Discuss with your SEO Company Sydney and choose the trending keywords.

Reoptimise old content

One of the best SEO strategies right now is that you don’t have to produce fresh content. This is because many previously-dormant topics are getting revived and it is one of the search trends in this pandemic. Check if you have any pre-existing content that is relevant to your audience. Spruce it up and repost it to attract more traffic.

Focus on creating high-quality content

Although this pandemic has created a great impact, it’s not permanent. While concentrating on combating the new normalcy, don’t forget about your long-term goals. Work on your evergreen, high-quality content as it will help drive more over time and build your SEO Sydney.

Update your other listings

While you might have updated your GMB listing, it is also essential to audit and update your other listings as well. In fact, other listings are important as they serve as citations for your website. Make sure they are consistent with one another and with your website.

Adjust your SEO strategies for post-pandemic search trends and evergreen topics. Are you looking for SEO Company in Sydney? We, Top SEO Sydney, got you covered. We offer a range of SEO packages Sydney that is sure to achieve your SEO goals.

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