In early time we used to verify indexing of site by placing each URLs in Google to check whether it is indexed or not. And it takes a lot of time and was really a tedious process.  In this index checking we can check indexing of single URL at a time, it is a time overwhelming process. So because of these all reasons we invent a new tool that is Free Bulk Google Index Checker Tool. This Checking tool is proficient and incredible.

Index Checker tool has a bunch of features as it saves time as in this we there is no need to copy one single URL and then place it in Google search engine and then check whether it is present or not. In this we just copy so many URL and ten check them that they are indexed or not so in this way it saves our lots of time and make our easier. And there is no cost of this tool this is priceless and precious because it provides best quality.


Index Checking tool is unique and distinctive tool. As  it check indexing of URLs so fastly.It checks the Website Domain which we want to utilize is in Google Index or not. This tool helps a lot by let shrewd us about status i.e. index of our site or any other site that we want to check.

In this tool we can check URLs in Bulk so we also named it as Bulk Google Indexing Checker Tool that means we can check so many URLS index with one click. So it saves our lots of time and is fascinating to check indexing. One of the most important advantages of this tool is that this it is free so it is very excellent to use this tool to check URLs in Bulk.

Sometime Google temporarily or permanently eliminate sites from its index and search results if that site is obligated it’s any rule of law, and if the sites do not stand Google’s eminence guiding principle, or for any other reasons, for example if the sites distract or create any issue to other users’ and if the given information of site is not pertinent then Google remove them from indexing. So we use Index Checker to know about the particular website we want to use is present in Google or not. If not then there must be some problem in that and if we use that removed site without knowing that site is De indexed then it than it will a great issue of concern and then Google did not crawl that data and not able to show.

In this tool we cannot even check domains indexing but also download that domains list in excel (.XLS) and then easily we can send to those whom we want to send. In Conclusion Free Bulk Google Index Checker tool is efficient and useful as it is free, fast, trouble-free, and simple to operate, multiple domains can be checked in one click.


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