We are experience the advanced systems and application with the internet facility. Now a day many android applications are come in the market for eases the work of people. The majority of the people are started to use the smart phone all over the world and they are looking always for the latest technology and release. In order to fulfill the needs of the smart phone users, the information technology companies are also focusing on developing the new application. Or they are updating the new features in to the old excising application. All these android application are helping in minimizing the workload of human. And so all the works are been done through the technology an application itself. This cuts off our work tension.

Most of the applications are used for the mobile, since people are not taking their laptop all the time. They wanted to keep the world only in their pocket. We always wanted to live our life in the most enthusiastic way and to get all the work to be done in more quick time. The software we are using for development of the application is also created by the software engineers and they are coding the programs in much smarter way. By using all these advanced technology we are enjoying all the works done from our home itself. Even the banking works are being done us our self without going out to bank and wait in the queue.


Get upgraded new app

In this new generation the one of the most favorite application among the younger people is the social networking application. They are all wanted to get the application in order to share all their joys with their friends and families even though they are living far away from them. The mango technologies are one of the newest technologies launching by the mobile corporate companies by which many android and Mac application are released. They have released the first video only sharing application with good features. The name is mimri application. Here you can capture the one minute video and send it to all your contact members. And in this application you do not need to tag the poeple randomly. You can select the friend and family members who ever you want to have in your list. All others can be easily untagged from the list of yours.

Also they are looking always for the new features which are coming in to the application. Once the new features have been released in the application, within the fraction the minutes most of the people are updating their application. That much of craze are spreading among the younger generation.  In this mimri app, you can have the special features like hash tag. With this, per card you can able to use only one hash tag.  Also another feature is locking and unlocking facilities. Now it is much easier in order to lock the person whom you do not want to see your video. Your video will be saved in this application back end for your later use.

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