Are you an Instagram user? Do you use Instagram as an online promotion method? Is Instagram so important to you? If your answer to those three questions is ‘yes’ then you need to read this brief article. Instagram is a social media application that works with a principle that is almost similar to Facebook is the addition of a friend’s recommendation can be through “mutual friends”. Friends in Instagram are known as follower and although having differences in terms, the principle used is the same.

From the first paragraph above we know that Instagram and Facebook work with almost the same principles. Therefore we can conclude that friends or followers are very important. We cannot ignore the number of followers if we want to use Instagram for financial gain. The point is Instagram if used as an online promotion media, and then the number of followers is the decisive factor. The question is how to achieve a lot of followers? The answer to this question depends largely on the account owner’s activity. If the account owner is a very busy person and does not have time to interact naturally with other Instagram users then buying followers is the recommended option.

As for anyone who has enough time to interact naturally with other users, then the traditional method is more advisable. The traditional method here means that you as the account owner interact by giving “like” to someone else’s post or simply commenting on the comment field already provided. That way you will build familiarity with other accounts so they will most likely follow your account. You also need to follow other accounts so they may think to follow behind.

Get more Instagram likes

Getting a lot of likes is another way to gain instant popularity. Posts with many likes will tend to be displayed (by Instagram) to the public. Therefore like is something important. Now an era where most of the needs can be obtained instantly, including getting a lot of likes. You can earn lots of likes (for every post) by buying Instagram likes from related service providers on the Internet. You can search your own information through Google or ask your acquaintances who have used similar services. You can buy Instagram likes then you can increase your popularity in a short time. You can compare prices before choosing some of the Instagram like services available in the market. But do not be tempted by the lure of cheap prices because the price is too cheap will cause suspicion.

When a post gets a lot of likes, the post will be displayed by Instagram more often so it can be seen by “new people” (not followers) so they will know your account and may follow it. Likes and comments are two parameters used to determine whether a post is popular or not. Various viral content of course all have a lot of likes and comments that many and when you have your own original viral content then you do not have to wait long to find your Instagram account becomes very popular. We hope this article can provide you with insight on how to use Instagram effectively.


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