With the growing numbers of YT users, these users might decide on making their channels. But, a large number of them decided to become a viewer. For the users to decide on making their channel, it might be they are interested in sharing their videos. Or else, there will be a different purpose. The purpose might be getting subscribers and getting more viewers. By getting more viewers, it increases the chance of your videos to be shared, not just locally worldwide.

Start your YT journey now!

If you are fun of making videos, you can be a YouTuber. A YouTuber is a YT member that creates and uploads videos on their YT account. These videos can be of a different category, such as beauty, entertainment, news, sports, and any. The main goal of the user is to gain visitors to increase the chance of getting subscribers. How can you get YouTube views? Getting views can be easy; you have to share the video with your family and friends. After sharing them, they would share it with friends of friends. But, to make it easy and fast, you can comprar visitas reales youtube. Upon buying real visits, you are getting the assurance that they will view your next video. These real visits are real users. So, they are not dummy accounts that are made only for money.

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Real visitors, real money

Yes, the reason why many YouTubers are opting to have an increasing visit is to get real money. It is no deniable that YouTubers today focused on their passion for making video and for making money from it. If you have been into YouTube and have uploaded more than two videos, but getting no visits? You have to do something. Why not explore? Look some ways on how to gain viewers with your videos. Once you gained visits, they starting of liking the videos. Soo, you can make them your subscribers. So, you have the guarantee that the next upload of your video, you can make those subscribers visit and watch the newly uploaded video if you have got more subscribers and have the chance to receive YouTube awards.


What awards to get from YouTube

Once you hit the number of subscribers that YouTube gives the award, you are getting a YouTube plaque. YouTube plaques come into three types:

  • Silver creator award (100, 000 subscribers)
  • Gold creator award (1M subscribers)
  • Diamond creator award (10M subscribers)

These awards are to be given to the YouTuber. So, your goal is to get that number of subscribers. It can be possible by getting more views to give the chance of hitting the subscribed button of your YouTube channel. You will be under eligibility review and claim the award.

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