Today, Instagram is one of the leading social networks on the Internet, so it makes sense that many small businesses find unique ways to use it to increase their own sales. At first glance, Instagram may not seem like the best place to market your products and / or services, but with the help of an SEO expert from your department you can find a way to do it successfully. Social networks are a place where you can not only advertise your brand, but also create it. Online reputation management and social media management sometimes fall behind professional services.

And if you already have an Instagram strategy, but it does not work as you thought, then you can use the following tips to get it moving in the right direction.

Go beyond the audience and isolate the behavior.

If you did a study, you know that most Instagram users are between 18 and 29 years old (53% more precisely). It was also noted that Instagram has more women than men, which shows a difference of seven percent. Fragments of that data can help you understand the potential audience you can reach, but in fact, it is important to observe the behavior of your audience.

How do they interact with your brand? Keep track of the messages you receive and the performance of the hashtags to see which keywords cause the most participation.

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Find out who has dropped you.

It is also important to know who was unsubscribed, as well as to know who is following you. If you notice that some demographers click on the “cancel subscription” button, then it is time to find out why. You can collect information about users using tools like crowdfire. You can also find an expert that offers SEO services to analyze data and determine what should be done to avoid repeated failures. 

Eject related publications

Instagram is not for all businesses, but you will be surprised at the number of companies in different industries that have been successful, including real estate, retail sales, catering, etc. If the publications you publish are not relevant to your audience, then they will not pay attention, let alone follow you. Be sure to offer an experience that your audience considers valuable and can buy instagram followers here. You can post photos, instructional videos and even personalized content. If you need help developing a strategy, you can hire an SEO expert that offers social media management services.

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