Developing an app might seem like the easiest and most lucrative idea. Everyone seems to be coming up with one or the other amazing app idea that becomes something of a rage overnight and rakes in millions of bucks for the lucky inventor.

App developers make millions and billions just by thinking of something unique, out of the box, and never-done-before, and people seem to love using these intelligent apps that make life so much easier and fun. If you are looking for amazing app developer you may approach RobustTechHouse for the same.


Being bitten by the ‘app bug’ is easy but the subsequent processes of sustaining the app, marketing it, getting people to download it, and actually make a profit are far from easy.

Let us take a look at the harsh reality of creating an app and some app myths busted from some of the top app developers in the industry.

  1. Overnight success is a lie – Whoever told you that their app idea brought them millions of bucks in the bank in one night is probably lying. Do not believe the stuff you read or hear about app developers becoming multi-millionaires overnight. Apps like Snapchat and Facebook required top notch marketing strategies to get people to like them and use them. It can take months, even years to build your app’s publicity and help it reach a level of sustenance that can reap profits.
  1. Not all apps are as successful as Facebook – There is a common misconception that apps that are not as famous or popular as Facebook and twitter are not making that much money. The reality is that an app can be successful and give you a six figure income at the same time in just the initial years, which is good enough.
  1. An app empire contains multiple apps – You do not have to depend on just one app idea to make money. One idea could lead to another and this way you could develop multiple apps and turn it into a lifestyle business. You could even team up with other people who have brilliant app ideas but do not have the funds or competence to start up on their own, and build a small company, work on your own time, and make good money with say six or seven different apps rather than just depending on one app.
  1. An app can generate multiple streams of income – There are at least five different ways in which your app can generate income. Charge with every click or download of your app, have app subscription charges, charge for any app upgrades, sell app data or use your app to obtain more businesses to make more income.
  1. It goes beyond friends and family – Advertising your new app on Facebook and telling your friends and family and just sitting back and relaxing is not going to cut it. Word of mouth marketing cannot be your only strategy. Use SEO marketing, content marketing, print ads, and other strong marketing strategies to really get your app out there and have everyone talking about it.
  1. Get professional help – How are you going to develop your app if you have never written a line of code before? There are professional mobile app developers who know how to write the required codes and algorithms to create your mobile app and bring your idea to life.
  1. You can do it yourself – You do not need business partners and co-founders to make your app dream a reality. Co-founders can have disagreements and flake out taking more than half your company with them and you will end up with nothing. Tread the path alone and enjoy the profits by yourself.
  1. Get help – Doing it yourself does not mean you do not take the help of professionals, consultants, and coaching. Take the help of someone who has done this before and have them mentor you.
  1. Let it go viral – If something about your app goes viral, let it. People go crazy for different things and for different reasons and sometimes there is really no understanding it. However, viral marketing will do wonders for your app.
  1. There’s no such thing as perfect – Nothing and nobody in this world are perfect. You can do the best that you can to your ability and leave the rest to fate. It is natural to find bugs or flaws in your app, but nothing that a few technology tweaks cannot correct. Minor hiccups and problems that crop up can be solved easily, so do not fret.

Now that you have this information about app development, it should make it that much easier for you to decide if your app idea is worth giving a shot and has the potential to become something big.

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