Nothing is certain in this world, and nothing is constant as well. The ever-changing business and economy affect the lives of every individual on the planet, and it affects the lives of the people in the business field the most. Business and economy can take a hit anytime, and when the livelihood of millions of people depend on this, there has got to be some way one can plan the probable events for precautionary measures. This is where forecasting comes in. Forecasting is done based on present and past data. Like sales, product, marketing, discounts, pricing and pretty much everything related to it. When it comes to forecasting, no data is unnecessary, and anything one can get his hands on can prove to be a turning point for your forecast model.

If you are someone who knows about this field, you must also know that forecasting in recent times has incorporated a lot more complexity than before. Large amounts of data are being put in, to generate a forecast in the SKU level, but the traditional forecast models are nowhere near to the capacity of being able to forecast anything involving this much data accurately. New machine-learning software is to be brought in to make a proper and accurate prediction regarding such massive amounts of data.

HALO-BOOST: Halo-Boost is a machine learning software designed to effectively produce accurate forecasting even fore massive amounts of data. The new machine learning software is added to the Halo architecture giving the customers a chance to use this technology on an evidence-and-value-add basis. This machine learning software can give you accurate SKU level forecasting within a matter of minutes. It incorporates pricing history, discounts, product ingredients, packaging, raw-material pricing, third-party economical data and basically any virtual information to give its clients the most researched and accurate predictions.

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IT CAN HELP YOU GET YOUR FORECASTS FASTER: This machine learning software uses modern computer processing capabilities and can literally give you your forecasting in a matter of minutes. Benchmark has forecasted that this machine-learning software has the capability to generate one million forecasts in a single hour, and it uses commodity price hardware and guarantees you maximum accuracy.

IT GIVES A DEEP INSIGHT INTO YOUR SALES AND DEMAND FORECASTING: Machine learning forecasting can be treated skeptically because of the complex procedures it uses. The forecasting models defy easy explanations making the whole idea extremely complex and confusing for most people. Halo has added procedures that give themselves to interpretations and the generation of insights that have added value.

The output that is put forth by machine learning demands and sales focus on the reliability of the sources from where the data is borrowed. This is return can give an analysis of which sources and data can add value for future uses.

How does halo boost work?

Halo boost is a machine learning software incorporated with Halo architecture and it works in for steps along the way;



Halo boost gives you the best machine learning software for accurate and genuine forecasts.

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