Managing a project with a lot of manpower is quite critical and confusing. Everyone needs to be careful and coordinating regarding his or her responsibilities so that the entire project does not turn towards chaos. A small blunder can impart huge blow, produce a domino effect and the total development may crumble and you will be back to square again with a loss of resources. This is why it is important to have a great platform that not only helps you to manage your work but also keeps your brain free from remembering small yet important issues. One of the best-known platforms that can be used from organizing an event to manage a big project is Clickup. Beauty is as it is observed. If someone thinks that Asana is somehow not meeting the requirements, then below is the list of features of Clickup that will make it the best asana alternative.

Top features of Clickup

  • Brilliant user interface

The main feature that provides aesthetic value to the software is the user interface. The brilliant interface offers a great environment for the users to work with. Clickup is defined software that has an intelligent user interface that makes project management simple. The comprehensive framework includes eminent features necessary to make project handing quite convenient.

  • User number

The feature that makes this platform a suitable alternative for Asana is that the number of user can be huge. A single platform can be accessed and used by many. This makes handling responsibilities easier for those who are involved in single or multiple projects.

Clickup Project Management

The interface is so well developed with great intuition that the users can easily coordinate with others to take the project in the progressive direction and avoid mismanagement. The resources can be used in an optimum way when every single advance is noted and checked.

  • Status customization

The interface allows a user to tag and statues of the work assigned in customized way. This feature provides proper communication among the users and colleagues. Apart from the easy user interface, the communication channel is brilliantly designed so that the colleagues can find it easier to connect with others to complete a job in time.

  • Multi-project handling

The software is efficient enough to handle more than one project at a time. It means that one installation will take care of the advancement of the multiple ongoing projects single handedly. The best asana alternative is really multitasking allowing the users to check on the updates and statuses of more than one project in a single interface.

  • Time efficient

Unlike the other project management software, Clickup is slick software that allows the team to manage responsibilities and save a lot of time due to the simple user interface. The user does not have to invest a lot of time finding the right options for the task memo or assignments. In fact, the software allows assigning comments so that the communication is simplified and clear.


What can be better for a project if it gets the help of such free management software with incredible features? Start using Clickup today and enjoy smooth working.

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