There are many guide lines are available in internet on how to safe guard iPhone from outsiders. Most of the people are trying to hack iPhone and it is due to cost of the mobile and importance provided to it. We need to make sure to disable some of the features which do not require any kind of pass code to enter it. This would prevent hacking of data from outside people. Some of those features are voice dial and sms preview.


This voice dial can be accessed without help of pass code option and in order to disable this future, we need to navigate to settings and select voice control option present in passcode lock. Then, we need to turn off voice dial option from the screen. They have also developed iPhone version in such a manner that people are able to sms preview even when it is locked and this would make others to read the important messages without using passcode.

Such option can be disabled by navigating to settings option and select preview option under messages. Then, we need to toggle that option into off condition. We also need to cache memory in the mobile and this would able to regain the stored information from others. This can be deleted by navigating to general option and selecting reset button on it. Then, we need to tap to reset keyboard dictionary option available in the screen and we need to confirm warning screen out of it.

How This Application Is Helpful?

From Review Leo Privacy Guard, we are able to safe guard any type of smart phones and iPhone versions in an easy manner. The application is providing a solution for all kinds of usage forms in the mobile and it includes text messages, phone calls, photos, videos, financial transactions, and important details that is present in the mobile phone. They will address the issues to the user with different levels of indication that is available in the application.

This application is considered as more compact type of software package and it will be helpful in eliminating some of the complicated procedures that is present in the software. This application helps in optimizing unlocking interface that is present in the mobile phones. This also helps in hiding unlocking pattern of the mobile in a secure manner and protect privacy of the mobile to a greater extend. It has sensitive interface and attractive animation that would help in presenting in a different visual experience to the users.

This application helps in safe guarding all application and it is helpful in protecting Facebook messenger. From the report, it has been observed that more number of hackers is trying to hack Facebook account when compared to other social media networking sites available in the market. This application helps in preventing such intruders from it. This application is also highly recommended if the person has classified kinds of list in their email account. This is because that third person will able to access email in an easy manner if it is present in classified manner.

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