Every now and then privacy is major concern when it comes to electronic transmission of information. The growing number of cyber-crimes and the associated effects towards the general American populations has caused a significant public outcry in regard to their privacy and confidentiality of their personal information.

Everything comes with its own benefits and consequences and ensuring identity theft protection to the people comes with a cost. Unlike in the past where internet access was limited to the selected few, today it has become a common good for everyone at any time for free. Besides, the advancement in information technology has led to numerous devices, networks, and websites where people keep their personal data. Unfortunately, not everybody who access internet carries with them a legitimate intention. Give that Life Lock offers identity theft protection, the extent to your privacy is enhanced is vital to understand.


  • Why privacy over personal information?

More often than not, several personal accounts in the internet consist of your name, age, address, family members, relatives, financial information and among others. On the other hand, there numerous but different people search websites or data mining services that collect people’s personal information, post it publicly, or sell it. Every individual is entitled to the right of privacy to his or her personal information, but can only reveal the information through legal means. As people continue to live their lives online, the amount of data explosion has aggravated the need for consumers to have more control over identities. In the plight of identity theft, individual privacy concerns should never be underrated.

  • How does LifeLock enhance your privacy?

In the recent past, Life Lock Company suffered a great business liability of over $116 million by failing to protect its consumers’ personal data. In addition, its public reputation, image, and trusts declined rapidly. In the need to protect its business interest and restore its public trust and confidence, Life Lock developed a free tool to help its consumers have a better control of their privacy. Life Lock’s free new service is known as Life Lock Privacy Monitor TM Beta, which empowers its consumers with the ability to manage their personal information.

  • What are the benefits?

Life Lock Privacy Monitor TM Beta allows people to access and delete any of their personally identifiable information from the selected people-search websites, as well as data aggregators. With the consumers’ taking the control over their personal information, privacy is enhanced; thus making it difficult for ill-intentioned people to access and use the information for criminal activities.

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