The advancement in computer technology has laid the foundation of development of text to speech software. This is a wonderful technology to help you change the text written on a computer file to audible speech. This is beneficial for students as well as businesses, writers and those people who have visual learning impairment. Several researches have shown that text to speech software is playing a significant role in enhancing the efficiency at work. Best free text to speech software is also good when you are learning different languages. People who are constantly working on computers or doing editing job, this technology will help them do effective proof reading at the same time it will reduce eyestrain. Text to speech software will read the text and you do not have to concentrate on reading, you can do your work by listening the speech. People who are in this profession love this software because they can continue with their editing work or listening to presentations while relaxing their eyes.

Know its features

You may be aware that the main function of text to speech software is to change the written text to audible speech. The voice of the computer delivers a synthesized speech. There are times when you do not want to read, but you need to understand the content of your file. This is the time when best free text to speech software will help you listen conveniently. This software will do the routine reading for you. You can hear whatever you wish to listen with the help of this software. It will significantly reduce the strain on your eyes and after a couple of days; you will realize that you have enhanced your speed of listening. This software has this feature, which you can use as per your convenience.

Another wonderful feature of this software is text to MP3. You can benefit from this solution if you are on the go and do not have time to read emails newspapers or other study material. You can save your emails or other material in MP3 format that you can take along with you on portable devices like iPods. You can choose to listen this audible file whenever you are free. You can listen it while travelling or exercising.

Decide the features you require

For example, you can reduce or increase the firmness of speech. This feature is extremely beneficial when you are listening a new language and you find it difficult to understand at a fast pace. You can reduce the speech just 1/10 of the original. This will help you understand the exact pronunciation of difficult words.

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