The HR and payroll system is rightly considered an IT tool of fundamental importance for any modern enterprise. Its basic role is to automate and simplify the process of calculating employee remuneration. It sounds modest, but each implementation of such a system is a kind of “Copernican revolution,” which instantly affects the way of work of HR and payroll employees. Quickly noticeable benefits include. Decrease in the number of errors related to the human factor or lack of compliance with current regulations, Easy and quick access to data, the ability to generate various reports and summaries, including electronic payslips Higher (as a result of process automation) payboy payroll  overall efficiency of HR and payroll departments, Lower paperwork due to electronic databases is few click away.


It is obvious that companies making a difficult (most often for financial reasons) decision to invest in the HR and payroll system want to be sure that it will meet their expectations. Flexibility is a feature that many software vendors boast about using the expression from the tailoring industry, that is, “tailor-made.” Our interpretation of flexibility payboy payroll  (which is reflected in the functions offered by P&I LOGA) includes the following features.

payboy payroll


People organize their work differently. The method of action, which works well for some, can be considered logical and unfriendly by others. A good system allows operators to adapt it to their needs, e.g., by defining processes according to their own logic and preferences.

Cooperation with existing IT solutions

The implementation of the new system should not require additional investment in IT resources. A well-designed HR and payroll system adapt to existing conditions. This is possible thanks to the built-in interfaces that guarantee cooperation with the currently used operating system, ERP solution, electronic banking system, databases, accounting software, and other external applications.


There is no reason why employees of international companies should be forced to work in a language other than their own.

Data Management

A growing company must increase the number of staff. Unfortunately, this results in an increase in the volume of employees’ data, which must be assimilated and ordered so that the payroll processes run smoothly.

Therefore, controlling the chaos of information plays an important role in the payroll system. The data are entered into the system only once and function in electronic form. Result? The information you are looking for is always “at hand” in the most current form.

However, not only access to information is important, but also functions related to analyzing and systematizing it in the form of reports. Users of our system have at their disposal a wide range of summaries and analyzes, generated in terms of any criteria, including custom ones. This means that everyone will get exactly the report they need – regardless of the company’s president.

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