You may have heard about heat exchangers but you never understood how these exchangers are used and how they can be beneficial for you. From the name itself, you can already guess that this is one device that makes sure that heat is transferred from one place to another. For example, have you ever wondered how a heated swimming pool works? This uses a heat exchanger so that the water coming from a solar heated water circuit will be transferred to the pool. A lot of the items you have at home make use of heat exchangers though you are not aware of it.

The heat exchanger design that items use will depend on what they need and what they have to do. Using the example mentioned earlier, the solar heated water circuit is different from the heat exchanger used by your refrigerator unit. While there are different types of heat exchangers available, there are a few main types that you will commonly find in the items that you have at home. The exchanger types are the following: air cooled heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers and shell and tube heat exchangers.

All Details About Heat Exchangers

An air cooled heat exchanger is the one that is most commonly found in vehicles. This is responsible for making sure that your vehicles will be cooled down efficiently. This is also used in other items that do not have cool water sources. It will provide the source needed to cool down the given space. This type of heat exchanger usually includes oil cooler, charge air cooler and engine jacket water cooler in one. The plate type heat exchanger makes use of stacked place in order to exchange heat. This is normally used for food and beverage processing. How this type of heat exchanger is gasketed depends on how it will be used and what fluids would have to go through the exchangers to be effective.

The shell and tube heat exchanger is probably the most popular type of heat exchanger available right now. This is the most ideal type if you want it to be maintained regularly. Since this can be easily removed from the machine, cleaning this will not take a lot of time. This is also agreeable to different temperature types so it can survive extreme temperatures that other heat exchangers will not be able to take. If in case you need any of the heat exchangers mentioned above or you would like to learn more about it, you do not have to look far. Know more about the AIC Group and the different exchangers they can offer. You will find what you are looking for.

How do you pick the right heat exchanger to be used? It will all depend on the type of fluid that you will use. Get to know their usual temperature and their flow rate. You also have to consider the primary circuit which may be through a target outlet temperature. The coolant that you will use also needs to be considered so that overall, you can choose an effective heat exchanger that will be productive and efficient in doing its task.


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