Why people or business websites are moving towards the dedicated server? Why Dedicated Servers are more powerful and secured in comparison to the other web hosting servers? Which is the best-dedicated server hosting in India?

Dedicated Servers are the web servers that are usually used by the sites having heavy traffic and contains a huge amount of data.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the dedicated servers and see the following points to have a quick idea about this article: –

  • What are the Dedicated Servers?
  • Benefits of Dedicated Servers?
  • Bets Dedicated Host in India
  • Conclusion

So, these are the topics that we are going to cover in this article below, so let’s go quick with these points.

What are the Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated servers Hosting is a type of  Web hosting where the hosting provider provides the dedicated servers to the user, where user can host his website.

A dedicated server allows user to have the full control and access so that the user can customize the server according to hos needs and requirements.

Under Dedicated server hosting, you will see the complete dedicated system weather it is related to CPU, RAM, or storage every single thing you get under dedicated server are totally yours and no other user have the right to access that server until you give it to someone else.

Types of Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers are of two types, that are: –

  1. Managed Dedicated Server: Managed Dedicated Servers allows you to focus more on your business without having the issue about the technical problems and regular updates. All the tech issue and update sare managed by the technical team of your hosting provider.
  2. Unmanaged Dedicated Server: Unmanaged Dedicated server is just opposite of the managed dedicated servers, you have to take care of your server and work both.

Benefits of Dedicated Servers

Till here, we know that what is dedicated server hosting and its types. Here, we will discuss the benefits of the dedicated servers. A dedicated server gives you the number of helpful benefits that helps your business website to grow more.

So, here are the benefits of the dedicated servers, are as follows: –

Premium Customer Support

With the dedicated server hosting, you are provided with the premium customer support. The customer support team will always be available to support you.

High Security

Having a dedicated server means, that you are provided with the server that cannot be shared and use by any other user, which gives you more chances for enhanced security. You can also set the firewall settings that improve your website performance without impacting the website’s performance.

Unique IP Address

The one best thing with the dedicated servers is that you are provided with the unique IP address which gives you better security. As in shared hosting, you are provided with the single server that has a single IP address and uses by the multiple users, which brings the insecurity to your website and server.

High Speed and Uptime

Dedicated Server provides you with the high speed and great uptime, which gives the best experience to the users and site to active most of the time.

Best Dedicated Host In India

Now, the question is, which is the best-dedicated hosting in India? So, by testing various web hosting and their features according to their prices, we will recommend you to choose HostingRaja as your dedicated server host.

If you are looking for the best and affordable dedicated server in India, then HostingRaja can be the best option as it offers you a variety of features under its dedicated hosting plans.

Look at the features of Dedicated Hosting by HostingRaja, are as mentioned below: –

  • Root Access
  • Unexpectable Storage and Bandwidth
  • IPv6 Support
  • Real-Time Malware Injection
  • Easy backup and restore
  • Supports Several PHP and MySQL Versions
  • Optimized Performance and Security
  • Free Migration
  • Free Website Optimization
  • Cache Optimization

So, these are some of the features that are provided by the HostingRaja. If you want to read the full and detailed HostingRaja Review then you can read the article from here.


If you are a visitor from India and reading this article, then we suggest you check the HostingRaja plans and prices. As an Indian Host, HostingRaja offers you the best features at cheaper prices.

In the end, we hope you like the article and find some useful information. If you have any suggestions and queries regarding this article, then write a comment under the comment section below.

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