Samsung is one of the leading Smartphone manufacturers in the world and capitalizes 21% off the mobile market segment. The Samsung Galaxy A, J and other series are quite popular across geographical locations of the world. Samsung creates, designs, and sells both high-end as well as affordable phones. The Samsung mobiles including the Samsung S7 have a good resale value as well.

You would be looking to upgrade to a new Samsung phone like S9 as it would it full of new improvements and features, and would offer the fastest speed, a better display, and a good camera as well when compared to the Samsung S7. If you are wondering what are the right avenues where you can sell your old Samsung S7, here are a few that you can check out.

  1. Online website and businesses

This is by far the best method where you do not have to wait for an excessive and long time period for completing your thought and process of “Sell my Samsung S7”. All you need to do is to search the internet and find out a few websites where you can actually sell the phone. These online businesses deal specifically with the resale of old mobile phones.

You will have to give the details about your phones make and model, condition (the current condition of the camera, display, microphone extra), and other details, directly on the website. The website will put a value on your Samsung S7 after, once it evaluates its condition. If you find the value or price of the phone suitable enough, you can sell it directly to the website. This whole process does not take more than an hour.

 Once you agree to the price quote provided by the company, it will also give you an address where you will have to pack and ship the phone. The online website and business will make the payment to your bank account, or through PayPal or a bank cheque once the phone reaches its office. This way you will be able to sell your phone in the least of time and the process will be hassle-free and convenient as well.

The digital/online “Classifieds” platform

Be online and digital classifieds platform as there are so many can also be used for selling your old S7. If you have a good time at your disposal and can wait long enough to complete the process of “Sell my Samsung S7” move, this may also be a convenient method for you. You will have to place your advertisement directly on this classified web portals, and the prospective buyers and customers will contact you directly. Once you reach a deal, the buyer will deposit the money into your bank account. You will have to ship the phone to the address the buyer provides.

Offline selling

You can also sell the phone at the brick-and-mortar or physical stores and markets that deal in the sell and buy of old electronic items are mobile phones specifically. All major urban centres have these kinds of shops and you can search for one near to you on the internet or by asking your friends, acquaintances, and neighbours as well. You can reach to such shop and market, show and subsequently sell your phone to the business. This might take more time and there are also fuel and parking expenditures involved.

If you want a sure, certain, and convenient way of selling your old Samsung S7, you should sell it to an online website and business that is dealing in this particular segment. This is a credible way to sell an old phone. You will also save unnecessary hassle that does occur when you would choose some other selling methods.

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