If you own a company, it is important that you make sure that everybody who’s working there can be trusted. There have been millions of cases around the world where the employees are the ones who would wreck a company’s name. so it is detrimental that you always check their background and where they have come from to make sure that they are safe to work with. But even after all your best efforts to protect the company, there is still a loophole where they would something bad to betray your trust and find a way to destroy the company.

In times where your employee would do something to “hurt” the company, you need to take the necessary steps to discipline them. If they still won’t change after giving them a chance, then you need to take even bigger steps like asking them to undergo a lie detector test to resolve the issue. It doesn’t mean that you need to do this all the time, but there comes a point where you’ll need to tighten up your belt to let them know that you aren’t playing around and that you don’t appreciate people who would do abuse your kindness all the time.

Can private employers have a lie detector test done to their employees?

Private employers are not required to have their employees undergo a lie detector test because of a federal law called the Employee Polygraph Protection Act. It basically means that all upcoming employees don’t need to undergo a lie detector test especially if it’s only for a pre-hire screening.

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What are the rules regarding the EPPA?

This law protects employees who are working under private employers and there are rules to follow under this. If an employer needs to have their employees undergo a lie detector test, the only type of test that they could use is the polygraph test. And they can’t force an employee to take the test, so they have the right to refuse it. another is that they need to let the employee know why he is being subjected to this, and the other implications that have pushed the employer to have this done.

What are the reasons why an employer could ask their employees to take the test?

If the employee has done misdemeanors and such like theft, embezzlement, and things that have cost the company so much and hurt the owner. This just calls for a reason to investigate even further and get to the bottom of this. As mentioned above, an employee could refuse to take the test. But this will just raise some red flags and question them as to why they are refusing. This will more than likely cost them their jobs. Even innocent employees would take it because they don’t want to be fired and they know that they got nothing to lose since they’re innocent in the first place.

There are a lot of things why a person would use a lie detector test, but it is pretty common especially when it comes to the workplace. If you are interested to know more about this invention, just click www.liedetectortest.com.

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