As a businessman, a colorful advertisement comes in many forms with a specific goal to stand out and attract the attention of the public. It is one of the most important aspects of a business to prospect. It has kinds of medium either online, printed media and digital form. The most common medium is through flyers, tarpaulins, and billboard. Businesses like malls use it as to spread awareness of shop promos, education institutes utilized them as school welcome signs and restaurants use it as to present their food to the public. Advertisement either in printed form or digital is very crucial to the success of a business.

Therefore, since it is expensive to use advertising as a marketing strategy, it is important to choose a medium that will be worth and very effective.  But most of all, it is important that it will erect for years to make it worth the cost of placing such advertising campaigns.

The Printed Media

The use of printed medium through materials such as papers and canvases have been utilized as a cheap and easy to mass produce advertisement for decades now. Even so, the distribution is quite tedious because it requires manpower and has a limited area of activity. The target audience is also the general masses which can a good way to reach other potential clients.


Meanwhile, billboards and tarpaulin is a good way to showcase a business since it has a sufficient space and letters are legible even in far distances.  The materials are not that durable and it can be easily damaged by weather conditions. Hence, it is expected to be replaced when it reached its limitations.

Online Advertising

Marketing through the internet is much cheaper and flexible in comparison to printed mediums. It has also far reaching capabilities and convenient to utilize. It may be applied as a commercial in online platforms in forms like banners and videos. Marketers can also take advantage of the social media to connect to potential clients and to spread brand awareness.

With a large population is currently engaged in social media and other platforms, businesses are tapping the potential of the internet. Expert online marketers can bring lots of traffic to a website of any business and products. Hence,  dramatically increases the visibility to the public.

Other Media

There are also digital marketing replacing some of the printed media. A good example of it is the replacement of printed materials like tarpaulin and billboards that usually seen in the public areas. It was replaced with a digital form such as LED signage.Even though it is much expensive, it is more flexible and can last longer than printed media.

LED signage can be used as to depict colorful advertisement. It can also be programmed to broadcast a commercial which can enhance the attractiveness of the advertisement. The content can be replaced anytime without additional cost or changes in the materials. Hence, it can be a worthy investment due to its flexibility of updating information in the LED. The equipment and materials to erect such media is also durable and can even withstand extreme conditions.

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