AI bots have been the talk of the town in most industries for years now. To recapitulate, chatbots are any computer-made programs that can convey a conversation with customers in a fluid and natural way. In this article, we will discuss and look at why a lot of business owners use companies like Smart Bot Marketers and how you can use them to make your business improve, and most significantly, the tips on how to make the section of your marketing plan. 

Why do a lot of online marketers use AI chatbots?

You need to remember the past where we would post a status in social media platforms, leave for a few hours, and check back to see if anyone noticed your post. Today, social communications seem to be endless. With the popularity of messenger applications rising, stories about “the way people used social media” have very hard to believe as the days of wired phones with no caller ID.

Consumers and audiences spend a lot of time using messenger applications than ever before. People used more time using them, and the apps quickly overshadow other types of communication. Facebook Messenger alone amassed more users than Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat combined.

And for online marketers, continually communicating with their customers using messenger applications, is a great way to make sure that the messaging will be seen. Users are most likely to communicate from products or companies if it comes from the messenger.

But no one human or team can keep up with all the communication. And that is where Artificial Intelligence chatbot will come into play. Thanks to the advancement of AI and NLP or the natural language processing, bots have come a very long way since the time of Turing Test. What is a Turing Test? Check the link out,

The Turing Test was developed in 1950 by Alan Turing, and it tests a machine’s capability to exhibit an intelligent behavior equal to that of an actual human. Now, they are easier to communicate with as well as implement in any marketing plan, than ever before.

Chatbots can serve as more than a customer service representative bot

It is no secret that they are great when it comes to the capacity of servicing the customers. According to Garner, customers can manage up to at least 80% of their communications with companies without even talking to an actual human by 2022. But sometimes, people will be mistaken to presume that most customer services are the only use of chatbots.

These online helpers can also be a significant part of other aspects for business owner’s marketing strategy. A well-planned bot can serve as a driver for engagements, lead generators; they even help with the market research. Looking at them as a tool for marketing instead of a virtual help desk means it will have a better insight into what the customers want, their pain points, as well as their preferences. In return, it attractsa lot of engagement and can lead to higher sales.


Chatbots can help businesses jump-start sales cycle

According to a lot of content strategists, chatbots can act as a middleperson before consumers are ready to communicate to an actual human customer sales representative. The best thing about using AI bots is that they can give you a cost-effective, and automated way to reach out and talk with your consumers in a more personal and direct than ever before.

And giving your consumers the time to speak with your company using chatbots on messaging applications like Facebook Messenger can drive a lot of sales. Right now, FB messenger enjoys 1.2 billion users monthly. And not only chatting with friends and family through the application, but consumers can also use it to connect with the brand as well as the company behind it.

According to studies conducted by Facebook, more or less 65% of people using Messenger to communicate with the products say that communicating with the brand can make them feel a lot more confident with the items that they are buying. But taking hours to answer their queries about the services and the items will leave the buyers feeling ignored. Once again, AI chatbots will come in handy in this kind of situation.

You can use them on Messenger as well as on your company’s site to answer Frequently Asked Questions, give shipping updates, and up-sell based on what the customers wanted. It means that more sales for the company and satisfied customers.

To read more about Facebook’s studies and statistics on Messenger users, click here.

Chatbots can also be a cure for the oversaturation of applications

A few years ago, almost every business source was pushing the apps as one major part in their digital marketing strategies. Here is the issue: everyone who sees the potential in these applications, started to make apps, and most of what they are making is useless, saturating the market.

Consumers will eventually get tired of downloading a lot of data-gobbling and space-consuming applications. Most of these useless apps sit unused or even do not get downloaded at all. Studies conducted by ComScore shows that more or less half of smartphone owners downloaded no new applications in a given month.

Not only that, only 37% of the respondents’ ages 35 to 54 years old had an interest in new apps. Marketers call this phenomenon application fatigue, where there is a lot of apps to choose from without any benefit Chatbots can offer the consumers around-the-clock information; whether it is on the company’s website or Facebook Messenger, consumers will have access to easy and quick answers to their queries.

And do you know the exciting part is? There will be no expectations that people will in the additional hoop of downloading an application they will not be used again. Or an app they will most likely delete once they have gotten the answers to their questions.

As a lot of companies starting to get applications out, most of them forgot to ask what are the functions of their applications will serve. Adding the AI bots to your marketing plans can give a solution to the problems. Companies should create the with eyes towards utilities. You need to remember that a useful chatbots will mean, a virtual helper, your target market will want to use.

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