Paying your phone bills on time is an integral part of maintaining your credit score in the UK. Furthermore, no one likes to pay those extra bucks added in their phone bills due to late payment. Emergencies come unannounced and it’s not possible for everyone to remember due date of our phone bills when we‘re stuck in an emergency situation. Thankfully, we have different payment options available these days that can help you avoid those unwanted extra fees added on your phone bill. You can get to know more about available payment options for your phone by calling on O2 Contact Number.

  • Direct Debit:

The most reliable and easiest way to pay your bill is undoubtedly by Direct Debit as it’s quick and easy to set up and is convenient. You simply have to schedule a Direct Debit payment and you won’t have to post a cheque and wait for it to be cleared. Direct Debit is an automated payment and hence there is no risk involved of missing a payment.

You can also choose a monthly payment date as per your convenience and suitability. With Direct debit option, your card details are secure and protected under the Data Protection Act. If you don’t have Direct Debit set up in your account, you can always get in touch with O2 Contact Numbers and the advisor over the phone will help you to set up one.


  • Credit/Debit Card:

You can also use your Credit/Debit card to pay your bill by calling on O2 Contact Number, via your online account or your mobile app. You also have the option of saving your card details in your “O2 Wallet” that allows quicker payments of bills by selecting the saved card and entering the further required security code and details.

  • With Recorded Voice System:

You can also pay your bill through automated or recorded payment line. You simply need to call on O2 Contact Number and enter the mobile number you wish to pay bill for.

  • Cheque Method:

If you want to pay your bill via cheque, you need to address it to the account it is payable to (info available at O2 Contact Number). Make sure that account number is mentioned on the back of the cheque and if possible, also try to send a copy of invoice you wish to pay for. It’s important to understand that cheque payments might take 7 working days to be processed once it’s received by your network provider.

  • Bank Transfer or BACS:

This option is only available for individual customers and not for any business. You can contact your bank and ask them to transfer an amount of money directly into O2’s account and don’t forget to include your mobile number or o2 account number as a reference. Please call on O2 Contact Number to know more about BACS procedure.

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