An increase in the number of transactions has led to more usage of plastic money. This generation finds it better to use mobile applications and debit and credit cards to make the payments than carrying wallets full of money. There are pretty many reasons for an increase in the usage of plastic money. While one important reason remains convenience and safety.

Why did the usage of plastic money increase?

Not always you remember to carry money thus these payment apps have made it so much simpler. All you have to do is own an account or card and connect it to your bank account. And just scanning the QR code at the shop or mall you can make the payment. This is quite a faster process than taking, counting money and giving the change back.

All sorts of products can be bought using their payment applications. Some common payment apps that are used are PayPal, google pay, Paytm, PhonePe.

Save it from the hackers

Making big payments through the banks and checks can take a long time. While payment apps are faster and accurate. They have teams that work for the safety of your money and save it from the eyes of hackers. These days a lot of news is coming about the hackers that hacked money within seconds of delay.

Why use PayPal?

If you want to buy a dedicated server for your organization or company then feel free to buy dedicated server with PayPal. They prevent identity theft by protecting your financial information and keeping it private. None of the people who you have paid using PayPal would come to know about your account number or even the balance.

24*7 Support

Another reason why a lot of other people prefer PayPal is that it is free of cost. And no money is deducted from your account for making payments of even 6 or 7 digits. And if you are having any issue regarding the payments then they provide you with a phone number as well. That you can contact at all times for immediate inquiries.


The usage of the internet can be good and bad. Using it for transferring and learning more about technology will help you know more about the recent trends and happening.

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