Most of the people are familiar with the concept of design thinking for innovation. But not everyone understands it precisely. People can learn some terms but unless they have employed the concept in the real world situation, they can’t really become innovative and creative.

As you obtain the knowledge of the design thinking process, you need to go through five steps to master it. The five stages that will help the students are given below:

Stage 1: Empathize:   

The first step towards the process is gaining an empathetic understanding of the problem. This includes consulting the experts to gain as much knowledge about the concern as possible. As you learn about other experiences and motivation, you will have a deeper understanding of the problem. It will allow you to set aside your own assumptions and gain new insights.

Stage 2: Define:

During this stage, you determine the problem and give it a definition. As you put all the information together you will be able to analyze the observations and mull over it. This will help you to synthesize the core problem and you will be able to give it a definition.

Stage 3: Ideate:

This stage is all about evolving various ideas to solve the problem. Generate as many ideas as possible and think outside the box to finalize the solution. You can use various techniques such as Brainstorming, brainwriting, SCAMPER, etc. to stimulate thinking.

Design Thinking Process To Innovate

Stage 4: Prototype:

As you finalize the possible solution, it is time that you focus on developing a prototype. This is the experimental phase and hence your main aim is to identify the best solution for the problem. The solution will be checked in this phase whether they work or not. And if the solution fails to give the expected outcomes then it is rejected.

Stage 5: Testing:

The final step of Thinking Design Process is to test the product rigorously. This phase will determine the final outcome and make sure that the solution works effectively. If any refinement is needed in the prototype, then it can also be done in this stage.

All five steps are iterative. So, you can simply classify the design thinking for innovation concepts in these five stages. To master this process, you can take a course from B2T Training center. They have streamlined the learning approach and made it better to match the priorities of the students. They understand the value of knowledge and skills. And as the change is comprehended with the practical implementation of the skills and knowledge you have. So, whether you want to take a course, webinar, workshop, or need a full-time coach, you can contact B2T Training to help you.

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