Cloud computing or cloud hosting is widely used in different industries nowadays because of its ability to be precise in delivering computing services through servers, storages over the internet.

Usually, companies that offer this kind of services in cloud computing are also known as cloud providers where they charge for cloud computing services that are based on the rate of usage of their clients.

Cloud computing or cloud hosting is commonly known on the basis of its location or on the service which provides that the cloud offers. Usually, based on a cloud location, there are four classifications of cloud hosting, the public, private, hybrid and community cloud.

Based on the service that these four classifications of clouds, it also has sub-services that are called Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service), Software-as-a-Service or (SaaS) or also known as the storage, management, integration, security, process, information, application and the database along with Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS).

  • Public cloud– The entire computing infrastructure of a public cloud is usually located on the premises of a cloud computing company which offers free cloud service.
  • Private cloud– This type of cloud hosting will cover all of your computing infrastructures and it is not shared by everyone. The security and the control level of this type of cloud hosting are at the highest at the same time it uses a private network.
  • Hybrid cloud– It both utilizes private and public clouds depending on the use. You can host your most important application by working on your own servers by keeping them more secure and also secondary applications anywhere you want.
  • Community cloud– The community cloud is usually shared between different organizations which have a common goal to provide a specific community the benefits of cloud hosting.

Different types of cloud services

Just like what is mentioned above, there are four different types of cloud services the IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and the FaaS which divides the computing services into four categories and some call it computing stack because it is commonly built on top of each other. To further understand these four types of cloud services, check an outlined information below.

  • IaaS– This is considered to be the most basic category when it comes to the cloud computing services one can use. This allows the user to rent an IT infrastructure from a cloud provider.
  • PaaS– This refers to the demand of the environment for developing, delivering, managing, and testing software applications because it is designed to create web instantly or mobile applications without compromising the underlying infrastructure of its servers, networks, storage, and the databases that are vital for the development just like the Desktop as a service (DaaS).
  • SaaS– This type of cloud service is used to deliver software applications to the internet according to the demand. It is a subscription basis to help the user host and manage the software application and the underlying infrastructure to handle any maintenance.
  • FaaS– This is used to provide another layer of abstraction to the PaaS, so that the developers can insulate it completely from everything in their code that are stacked below and instead of passing the hassle of work to the virtual servers, this uploads narrowly functional blocks of different codes to set them in triggering a particular event.

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