Television technology is continually evolving. There was a time when High Definition (HD) TVs were only a thought and now they are the standard. Additional technologies, like curved TVs, 3D TVs and more are also the norm, but there are additional technological advancements coming to your next television set.

Currently 4K technology is making its way into the TV industry and it is garnering mixed reviews. Other technology on the horizon that you, the consumer, need to be on the lookout for is things such as wideband reception, high framerate, and TVs that will almost double as a virtual assistant in the future.


Wideband Reception

When looking into Direct TV packages and deals you might want to inquire about wideband reception.  Wideband reception is a new concept that is going to tie together your cell phone and your television. The concept behind this technology is that you can use your cell phone to stream data on a device within a short distance via extremely high range of gigahertz frequencies. With this technology in the very near future you can be sitting on your couch and use your cell phone to play something on your television without having to use an HDMI or any other cable.

High Framerate: Why It Matters

When it comes to high framerate, if you are among the people that believes it makes no difference you might want to do a comparison test. One of the greatest benefits to HFR is that everything from movies to reality shows, sports, and news benefit from its use. Previously, lower frame rates, like 25p were necessary to save on bandwidth.  Now, thanks to the improvements in compression, it is easier to air shows at 120fps instead of 60fps. The use of higher framerates increases the clarity of everything you watch. Once this technology hits, lower quality images will be a thing of the past.

Smarter TVs

 You have heard of smart phones and smart TVs but in the future, your TV is going to be getting even more intelligent. The technology is already being used on Android (Ice Cream Sandwich) and Apple’s iPhoto to help the device learn about the user. The manufacturers of TVs are looking to do something similar with your television. Manufactures working with AI technology want to create a TV that will be accustomed to what you like to view. Based on that information your TV will then offer show suggestions.

Additional smarter TV technology is in the works. Manufactures of TVs are looking into creating televisions that will understand you via your voice and even gestures such as nodding your head or waving your hand. Imagine sitting in front of your TV and never having to worry about the location of your remote.

See-Through Mirror Televisions

 The possibility of a see-through television at one point might have seemed impossible. With the technology behind OLEDs, this is becoming a reality, since OLEDs are transparent panels. When placed in front of a transparent object, such as a window or mirror, while the TV is off, you will see whatever is reflected or is on the other side of the window. Just imagine the concept, you turn on your TV and watch your favorite show, and then when you turn it off, it virtually disappears because of the see-through concept!

 As the needs and desires of you, the consumer continues to evolve so will the need for continual changes to television capabilities. If there is already TV technology in the future where your TV can serve as a virtual assistant, or you can purchase a TV that you can see through, the sky truly is the limit regarding what we can expect to see from television manufacturers in the future. What type of technology would you like to see in the TVs of the future?

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