The summer season is one of the most dreaded seasons in India. The temperatures go as high as 50°C or higher still in places like Rajasthan. No one likes to go out during the day. Fans and coolers, too aren’t able to ward off these effects of heat as after a point of time, they start heating up themselves. So who can save us from the clutches of these high temperatures?

Yes. We all know the answer: an air conditioner. An AC never fails to chill us however hot or cold the weather is. But it is also one of the most expensive methods of cooling. An AC consumes a lot of power and hence adds more figures to your electricity bill. That’s why you should choose an AC with a five-star rating and of a good brand to minimize your bill expenditure. Follow this simple guide of learning about the top brands available in India, known to give the best services in the field (they are not according to rank):

  1. LG:

Known throughout the globe and especially in India for its stylish designs and an expertise in a wide range of products, this brand is probably one of the most loved among the common masses as it easily fits in their budget. Models like the L-Prima 1.5 ton Hot and Cold Window Conditioner and the L-Aura 1.0 ton Hot and Cold Split AC offer a range of facilities such as, dehumidification mode, dual protection filter, energy saving mode, sleep mode, night glow remote buttons, etc.


  1. Samsung

This well-known company needs no introduction. They rule like kings, in all domains pertaining to electronics (smartphones, TVs, ACs, etc.). Their products are sleek yet durable. Their Split AC model (Samsung PentaStarMAX AR18FC5UAEB 1.5 ton capacity split AC) comes with a multi-jet technology, deep sleep temperature control and an HD filter for dust collection.

  1. Hitachi

Hitachi has always been known for producing eco-friendly solutions in an economical way. Its Hitachi Kaze Plus New Window Conditioner and the Hitachi ACE Follow Me Split AC come with inexpensive price tags but are highly innovative and provide a wide range of features, for example, LCD Wireless Remote Control, Vitamon C filters, self-evaporation systems, anti-bacterial filters, follow me, etc.

  1. Voltas

Voltas AC holds a huge dominance in the domestic market and stands equal with international companies such as Samsung and LG. Its 1.5 ton MAGNA 185 MY Air Conditioner and the Voltas Deluxe-5 Star (Y series) are the most popular ACs in the market. They provide unique facilities such as Anti Dust and negative ion filters, turbo, swing and sleep modes, anti-fungal clean, 5050 W cooling capacity and so on.

  1. Blue Star

Blue Star Window AC 1.5 ton 3 star, Blue Star Inverter Split AC, Blue Star concealed AC and Blue Star Verticool Split ACcomprise of hi-tech features such as multi-fan speed, wide angle air flow, anti-freeze thermostat, air direction flow control, etc. This makes their ACs as one of the most preferred ACs to beat this scorching heat.

  1. Godrej

This India based international brand provides the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly split air conditioners, such as Godrej EON Green Balance AC. It has a silver ion filter, 4 flexible modes (dry, auto, sleep and turbo), a memory function and an “India Design Mark” award in its name.

Now when you go out to shop for an AC, you will know which brands to look at.

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