Gamers, how hard is to find a laptop that can be fast enough or can hold tons of storage capacity? It’s actually not as hard as you think, there are plenty of laptops which have high connection speeds, with enormous storage capacities, as many companies make it just for gamers. But the tricky thing is finding it all for a reasonable price, which is the hard task. But what if you can find the best gaming laptops under 300 with super best home theater subwoofer under 500. What else do you need for better gaming experience.

Before the purchase of your laptop, you should take a number of things into account;

  • The right hardware; for gamers it should most likely be a combination of CPU+GPU
  • RAM and VRAM; it would always benefit if there was a higher RAM and VRAM, the RAM should be at least 8GB, never less than that
  • The display; if the resolution is poor, the quality of the game will also be poor, it recommended that the minimum resolution should be 1920*1080, there can be higher resolutions available, but they could cost much more.
  • Ample storage; this is key in gaming, as many gamers tend to save their progress, so make sure there is enough storage, at least 1TB
  • Touchpad, and keyboards; when choosing a laptop, they should make sure that they are comfortable with their keyboard, so it makes gaming less irritating and more comfortable.
  • Audio system; gamers should make sure that the quality of the audio is enough, so that they can enjoy their gaming experience to another level.

best gaming laptops under 300

Types of Laptops

In the gaming world there are all sorts of laptops, which range from different colours to different sizes to different prices. It is almost physically impossible to get perfect computer for low prices. You’re always going to have a trade off. But it is possible to get the best gaming laptops if all the research is done. Some laptops that could be beneficial for you are;

  • Lenovo IdeaPad; with 1366*768 resolution, AMD A6-7310-2 Ghz, AMD Radeon R4, 500GB HDD, with windows 10.
  • Lenovo Thinkpad 440; a 14 HD, intel i5-430U-2.9 GHz, Intel HD 4400, 500GB HDD, and a windows 10 pro
  • Acer Aspire 1; 14’’ HD, Intel Celeron N3450-2.2 GHz, Intel HD 500, internal storage of 32GB, and widows 10 home.

All of these laptops are under $300 which is good for any gamers who are still students and have a budget they should be on.

Did you make a good investment?

$300 for a high-quality gamer’s laptop is absolutely amazing. And as most gamers are students they have bills to cover, and expenses to pay off, it would be difficult for them to afford. So being able to find a laptop for such great deals is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Overall it would be a great investment.

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