Lenovo makes high-end gaming laptops and mid-range gaming desktops priced nominally. Its latest introduction is 15.6 inch screen Y50 Touch 4K. This midsize laptop combines touch screen with mainstream graphic, which makes it suitable for both non-gaming and gaming tasks. Biggest weakness was touch screen display which looked washed out and dull having bad viewing angles at off-axis, marring a top tier product. But Lenovo makesY50 having full UHD display that fixes all the big problems that original had.  Main problem is that it is unable to play majority of games at a resolution of 4K. Casual and older games can be played but detail settings have to be dialed down to a very low level.

Despite this you would benefit from the new screen even if games have been set at lower resolutions due to fixed viewing angle. Higher resolution of the screen will make game graphics appear better at standard screen resolutions also. There are a number of Y50 versions available at discounted rates if you use flipkart discount coupons but configuration with 4K resolution and touch screen is best combination and difficult to find.

Design and features

4K version of Y50 Touch is sharper and modern laptop than were found from PC makers specialized in gaming like Digital Storm, Origin PC and Alienware.  But it is not as main stream looking and thin as majority of non gaming laptops. Angular design has been built around black metal embossed in crosshatch pattern. There is Lenovo logo on back panel and cool discounts are available using snapdeal promo codes. Color is added by dark red accents and has wedge shaped speaker grills in red on left and right edges on top.

Laptop Y50

Visual highlight of system is backlit keyboard which is not custom made for gamers but large Tab, Shift and Control Keys are appreciated. In this version 4K panel offers higher resolution and fixes visual problems that were there in standard screen. You will be cranking games up to 4K resolution and also have better display. Viewing of regular video is better too.

Connections, performance, and battery

Set of connections and ports are available. Full size Ethernet is still important for the gaming system because you will prefer to plug directly for quicker downloading. Its performance is identical to non -4K version. It is fast for everyday computing and is able to handle Few HD video editing without problem and Photoshop.

In case you are planning to run games on 1,920X1, 080 resolutions, you might be in position to utilize medium- to- high graphics settings and have excellent experience. Get its best discounts by getting the right coupon at www.savemypocket.in. Y 50 Touch does not have anything new in battery life for the gaming laptops. 4k version ran for 4:10 which is little less than regular version. This is less than what is expected from non- gaming 15 inch laptop. 90 minutes of life may be expected for running game without having to dial settings way down.

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