If you found in the market to buy a mesh network system, Orbi and Google would likely be the first names to come into your mind. Both Netgear’s Orbi and Google Wi-Fi are impressively designed to deliver optimal performance in most modern homes. They are both easy to set up though Orbi is a bit more advanced in design and functionality.

Google Wifi vs. Orbi the Differences

Google Wifi vs Orbi is the cheaper of the two, and it’s a bit easy to install and use. It features some advanced features, but cannot compare with Orbi. Mesh wifi system is more refined, featuring advanced settings, dedicated backhaul, and lots of LAN ports.

Google Wifi Pros

  • Easy to install and use
  • Powerful enough to cover the entire house
  • A bit more budget-friendly
  • Can be easily administered via an app
  • It’s secure and fit use in modern homes

Google Wifi Cons

  • Does not include a dedicated wireless backhaul
  • Google Wifi doesn’t allow for settings changing during internet downtimes
  • Google will collect your browsing data

Orbi Pros

  • Features more advanced and superior settings
  • Ideal for whole-house internet coverage
  • Features tons of useful LAN ports
  • Includes additional backhaul channel

Orbi Cons

  • This Mesh network system is extremely costly
  • It’s quite large hence tricky to install

More Google Wifi vs. Orbi Info

Orbi packs tons of amazing features and Ethernet ports to fit any mixed network.  As with Google Wifi, it doesn’t offer as many Ethernet ports, but the ones available are good enough for feeding small switches in devices that require a wired connection.

Google Wifi provides settings like parental controls, preferred device mode, and guest account. As with Orbi, it offers standardized port forwarding settings, DMZ for keeping devices away from the software firewall, Qos settings, separate wireless backhaul radio, and lots more.

Google Wifi is simple and offers regular firmware updates, ensuring optimal performance. Unfortunately, the Mesh router from Google does not guarantee your privacy, as Google does have access to your data. As with Orbi, you won’t have to worry about your privacy as the router does not expose your data to third parties.

Now that you have got an idea of what Google Wifi and Orbi are all about, you set to make a choice.  Take your tour through the different features and qualities of the two Wifi systems so you can make a choice. Buyers who want a more advanced system that offers optimal performance and reliability should settle for Orbi as it has advanced features and better performance. For buyers who want a simple yet efficient system that wouldn’t cost them a fortune, you ought to consider buying Google Wifi mesh router system.

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