With a reliable cloud, a company has access to the stored data. With the private iSeries cloud services, you will have a reliable storage facility; get access to the company data storage and access facility. Here are the two strong reasons why companies are moving to the cloud:

1. Robust to downtime
2. Lost data will be negligible

Therefore, the IBM iSeries cloud will be a one-stop solution. For companies looking to expand the data storage capabilities and tighten the security, clearly, the iSeries cloud solution offers a bright future.

Cloud services solutions

Cloud services refer to a wide range of services, delivered on-demand to customers and companies over the internet. The services are designed to provide the following:

● Easy
● Affordable access to apps and resources

Hardware or internal infrastructure is no longer needed. The employees use cloud services the whole working day, from reviewing emails to collaborating on documents. The cloud services are fully managed by the cloud computing service providers, making them available to customers from the provider’s services. So, no need for the company to host apps on its own premises servers.

Types of cloud services

A cloud service provider maintains all storage servers and networking hardware, which also offers:

● Load balancing
● Application firewalls and more

iSeries cloud services

Generally, there are three basic types of cloud services, namely:

1. SaaS. It stands for Software as a Service, which is the most widely recognized cloud service type. The broad category encompasses several services, such as:
a. file storage and backup
b. web-based email
c. project management tools
If you are unaware of SaaS cloud service providers, here are the examples: Dropbox, F Suite, Slack, Microsoft Office 365, and more. For each application, the users can access, share, save, and secure information in the cloud.
2. IaaS. It stands for Infrastructure as a service, providing the infrastructure that various cloud service providers need to manage SaaS tools. It will serve as the complete data center framework for on-site installations. Here are the examples of IaaS: Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, and Microsoft Azure. The providers maintain all networking hardware and storage servers, offering the same to SaaS.
3. PaaS. It stands for Platform as a Service that serves as a web-based environment. It is where developers build cloud apps. PaaS is providing the following:
a. Database
b. operating system
c. programming language
These help organizations to develop cloud-based software without maintaining the underlying elements.

If you are running a business, it makes all things easier using iSeries cloud services.

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