Everything you can do to maintain your privacy online must be done. It is not safe to reveal your personal details discriminately online; this may cost you a great deal. You should also not allow just anybody to access that information or stare over your shoulder while you are using the computer.  Proper handling of your information on the web will keep you safe from being a victim of cybercrime.  You will never suffer identity theft or be a target of stalkers. There is no better way to reduce marketing spam than by keeping your personal details secure. You can also remove personal info from internet to prevent being a victim of identity theft.

Using the right tool

Scramblerz is one of the best outlets to visit if you need access to top quality tools that can help keep your details safe from unscrupulous elements, thereby preventing the activities of scammers and hackers. You can find helpful tips on this platform on how to remove personal info from internet.  We will also show you some of these tips in the course of this write-up.


Delete your social media accounts

Scammers and hackers can get a lot of details about you from your social media account, like your name, marriage status, location, family, date of birth, employment, photos and latest news about you.  It is in your best interest to modify the details you provide on your social media accounts so that you do not get exposed to these unscrupulous elements.  You should not provide too many details on your social media account.  The details on your social media accounts must be reduced to the basic details and most of the details should be removed to prevent the information from being accessed by unwanted individuals.

Be wary of search results

You need to know that your details are recorded on the internet each time you use the web. The internet also records all your search history each time you use the search engines.  Consequently, it will be easy for hackers to access every website you visit and all your search history, as well as, access every website on which you have registered.  This equally makes it easy for hackers to access your passwords and usernames on those websites.  It is in your best interest to clear cookies and your browsing history on a regular basis as this will prevent these details from being stolen by these unscrupulous elements.

Email accounts

You share a lot of details online via email addresses.  Each time you sign up or sign in on that email account, you will be revealing your location, username and other details that can be stolen. It is, therefore, not safe to provide exact details and you should be careful about the information you save in your email.

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