For the convenience that online faxing provides, like saving a lot of money spent getting a fax machine, and enhancing the speed of communication, a lot of people consider using the service. It is quite obvious as you plan to make use of online fax service, your first question would be how to find a service provider and how do you fax. To answer this question and introduce you to the task of online faxing, here are a few easy tips that you have to follow to make use of an online fax service.

  1. Research

Since the popularity that online fax service has started gaining, a number of online fax service providers have been born. So, the first thing you need to do is find out most popular fax service providers and go through what all features they provide and their policies. On top of everything, you have to make comparison of the cost and services, and make out what’s the best deal.

 Besides the very basic function of sending and receiving faxes, you would also want to find out what added benefits and features these service providers offer you for the price you pay. Many service providers offer mobile faxing, fax scheduling, etc. that make faxing easier. Sign up for the service that is most convincing overall.


  1. First up, give it a try

It would be very unwise of anyone to straightaway take out the credit card and make payment. As a smart consumer, you should first make use of the trial version that service providers offer. While the time period may differ, every online fax service provider has a trial version. This helps you explore all the features and find out what would you want to settle down for. Remember, you need to make an investment rather than splurging money.

  1. Link your email account

Whether you sign up for free or after paying, you are asked for an email account through which you would want to send faxes. To make it a lot easier to manage and create a demarcation, you can also create an email account meant just for faxes. While it may vary how the page looks for every service provider, basically you need to upload the document to be sent, fax number of the recipient, and press send.

  1. Get a fax number

While you can send faxes to people without having a fax number, you definitely need a fax number to be able to receive faxes. For this, when you sign up, many service providers ask if you want a fax number. When you choose to have a fax number, you get it and by letting people know about it, you can receive faxes to the dedicated email account when others input your fax number and send you faxes. Fax numbers are even offered for trial accounts. So, if you have a fax number, you are better able to judge if the service is good enough for you.

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