There may be various reasons you might want to spy on someone else’s Skype account. Common reasons include cheating partners, troubled kids, suspected unfaithfulness towards the company, and suspected participation in unethical activities or drug abuse. Endless appropriate reasons why one should want to spy on a Skype account exist. However, this is rarely easy to achieve; which is why we’re going to guide you through it.

Is It Ethical?

It can be, however, usually is not. Unless you intend to counter any possible damage that may be caused by a person to another or confirm any form of assurance offered in order to aid coexistence of any nature, may you shouldn’t think about spying on a Skype account.

While catching a cheating spouse or investigating the cause of your child’s anxiety can be important, even thinking about spying on a Skype account just to feed your curiosity or to restrict an activity that affects no one isn’t nice.


Why It Isn’t As Easy As It Sounds

Hacking into and spying on a Skype account may not be as easy as a few clicks unless you know if something will work; which, by itself, is hard to figure out. You might come across various Skype spy programs that claim to do the job but will turn out to be adware or even computer viruses that will damage your machine.

Though it may not be easy, it is possible to find working software (if you can’t create one) if you pay enough attention. Go through user reviews and recommendations to figure out what’ll work out for you. However, many scammers generate fake accounts and write false reviews, so try to not trust programs supported by very few ‘user reviews’.

How They (Should) Work

Learning how a particular kind of software works will help you determine if one you come across will. These are various possible components and features of a typical Skype spy program:

  • Though not all, but most spy programs require access to the user as well as the target machine. This is true especially in the case of mobile applications. This quality makes spying on devices you can’t access hard to achieve. However, this problem can be overcome by access to an administrative account that offers a cloud-control feature.
  • Most spying programs feature key loggers that store each key stroke in the correct sequence.
  • If the program is supposed to offer you a live feed, it should be able to gain access to the target account. If not, it should be able to record all calls and share the data with the user account.

If a Skype spy program fail to point out any of the above features, trusting it may not be safe enough.

How You Can Spy

Spying on a Skype account will require you to either be able to crack Microsoft’s security by yourself, or identify a program that works. You will usually require access to the target device, or a program that can manage to fool Microsoft’s servers.

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