We in this special guide will present to you the best iCloud Removal Tool for all iphone models. Even though the iCloud feature has amazing potential and has proven to be the perfect defensive mechanism on all Apple devices which resulted in drastically reducing the number of stolen devices and improving the tracking of lost devices still many users are found complaining. This occurs because the iCloud lock can easily happened on any Apple device. All it takes is to forget the proper login credentials such as your Apple ID or password and immediately you will be unable to use your iPhone device.


iCloud Removal Tool

Once your iPhone is iCloud locked you will immediately have to seek for an iCloud Removal method. Now you can go to official Apple store (if there is one nearby) and ask them to use the iCloud Removal tool for your device. This of course will not come cheap and in most cases it will not be worth. The alternative method would be to use an online iCloud Removal service and try to remove the iCloud lock by yourself.

Now you may think that this is a complicated matter and you are better of using Appleā€™s services but you are wrong.

The iCloud Removal service tool is extremely easy to use. Since I have managed to do it I believe everyone else can do it as well. You are not required to be computer expert to do a simple iCloud Lock Removal.

How iCloud Removal Tool Work?

To remove iCloud lock from your iPhone you will only need to know the particular IMEI code of your device. You can easily find this code by dialing the number *#06#. After that it will immediately be shown on your iPhone screen.

Once you know the IMEI code of your device just follow these instructions:

  1. Download and Install the ICloud Removal tool on your computer
  2. Select your iPhone model ( this service tool works for all models)
  3. Add the IMEI code of the iCloud locked device and your email address
  4. Wait until the iCloud lock is being removed. Once done you will be notified via email
  5. After you receive your email notification get the latest iTunes version
  6. Launch iTunes and Backup your iPhone. After that Update and Restore your device.

When will be done this process by iCloud Removal Tool on your iPhone will reboot. As soon as the Restore is completed you will be able to create your new Apple ID and password which will serve as your new iCloud Login credentials. With them you can start using your device normally again.

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