Laptop is an integral part of a person’s life and one cannot do without a laptop in today’s technology filled world.  Carrying our  laptop around with us has become very convenient as one can do their work, browse for information, play games as well as buy and sell products sitting away from our business centre too. But being a very delicate gadget, the laptop is prone to accidents or mishaps which can accidentally damage the laptop screen. A broken laptop screen makes working on the system very difficult or sometimes the system just doesn’t switch on because of the broken screen.

Sometimes it’s just a scratch on the screen which may make the images on screen look hazy but most of the times a broken screen makes a laptop in operational. A Computer Technician London is the best help here!


What if your Laptop Screen damages?

When a screen of laptop is damaged the first thing a person needs to do is to check if the rest of the components are working fine by connecting the laptop to an external monitor and checking. If it functions fine, then it means that only the screen has been damaged and we can either get it repaired or replaced depending upon the conditions.  Firstly the warranty of laptop needs to be checked. If at all the system still comes under the warranty period, then it is best to hand over the piece to the company for repair if it is minor damage or a total replacement if the laptop screen is beyond repair. This will be done free of cost to the customer as the laptop is still under warranty period. Hence he can get his screen repaired or replaced without any hassle. But if his laptop has expired the warranty period then there are a few other options what one can do.  The customer needs to first contact the manufacturer and take an estimate as to how much they would charge for replacement or repair of the screen. A professional repair service firm can also be contacted to take help from professionals and most of such firms also provide house visit service where the technicians would pay visit to your house to check upon your system, decide what best course of action can be taken and also advice for Laptop Screen Replacement. This saves the customer the hassle of carrying his system to the manufacturers’ office or repair centre and he can avail repair services right at his doorstep.

Usually a laptop screen is very expensive to replace and the manufacturer may charge a very high price for replacing the damaged screen with a new one. Hence it may be a better solution to purchase a new laptop altogether as it may work out considerably cheaper. Another alternative could be that the customer checks out in stores selling laptops spare parts the cost of a new screen or check out on internet for a screen which is compatible with your laptop and get it repaired in a local computer store for a reasonable price.

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