Searching for a property to purchase is a heavy task and sometimes many people opt to outsource the hustle. It can take a long time until you finally land a likeable property. Furthermore, there are countless realtors out there suggesting that they have the best deals in the real estate market.

However how viable their offers are cannot be judged since many realtors do protect their interests. That is reasonable because they get into the business to make the most out of it. But what happens to you, the buyer, if you are not presented with options that will best suit your financial abilities and desires? You may end up purchasing a property that may not be of your choice. To add on, the property may be above your budget. The housing Android app is your guide to property search.

It presents to you just what you need to know to make your decision in a satisfactory manner. The application is a compressed version of the website. It brings your property search to the palm of your hands, literally. With this application, you can easily avoid the long strenuous hours associated with searching for a property. It is an affair of a couple of hours, and you will land your dream property with a click.


How the Android app works?

The application features property listings by landlords and real estate brokers. You have the option of choosing any of the two. On opening the housing android app, you pick the service you desire and city of your choice. Also, you choose the number of rooms you would like. The application has made navigation very simple. With filters such as price range, facilities, and amenities, you can prioritize your choice. After making use of the filters, you click the search button. Within seconds, you will be navigated to the page showing results. The results will be the list of properties. To add on, you can navigate to a map view of the property locations.

Advantages of the Android App

  • It has a friendly user interface that simplifies navigation. Anyone new to the application can use it.
  • You are provided with ratings, before you decide on any purchase. These ratings depend on the amenities in close vicinity to the property you choose. In other words, you have the ability to conduct a virtual tour around the property you want.
  • You are provided with the contact details of the landlord/broker for the property you choose with a simple click on the contact tab.
  • The app enables you manage your property search. In the process of perusing through properties, you have a short listing panel to place those you will be interested in purchasing. These properties can be looked at later or compared.
  • You can be sure of the authenticity of your property of choice. This is because each and every property displayed is visited, and all credentials are verified before being presented to you. Actual photos of the properties are provided in a clear manner.

With these many advantages in your urn, this app definitely proves to be a time saver when you are on the lookout for properties.

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