It is an undeniable fact that each and every teen and adults are now hooked with any one of the social networking sites available today. From the vast range of the social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and more, Instagram has attained its very own unique space among all. Instagram is the most famous social interaction platform that helps the people to communicate with the new friends by exploring their thoughts and photos. Mainly, this site is known as image sharing platform and inspires the people to get likes and comments from their followers. Apart from the photos, the Instagram is also a distinctive dais for videos too. Yes, the videos that are uploaded on this site often viewed by the people and most of them like to download it on their devices. Downloading directly from the Instagram is quite difficult and fortunately, there are some useful video downloaders that are now available online to give the perfect help. Well, filevid is one of the most famous online video downloader and it is so useful for downloading all kinds of the videos you like. This article will definitely be useful to know about file vid in clear.

Importance of video downloader

When you are surfing across the various pages on the Instagram, you will definitely see some videos. Some videos you have seen over there might be so impressive and you may want to download it on your device and send to other contacts.  However, there are no chances or side links that are available on the Instagram to download the videos. So, how to download your likable videos?


Well, you don’t worry, here is a free website named Filevid available online that gives the excellent chance to save the videos from the Instagram directly to your device. No matter it is a mobile device or the personal computer, you can able to use this website for downloading the videos from the Instagram.

In order to download the videos for your very own device, you have to follow some necessary steps that are mentioned below.

  • Login your Instagram account and surf on the pages you like.
  • When you have encountered the video to download, you need to right click on the video to copy the URL or the link address.
  • Once you have taken the link, you have to paste it on Filevid website’s link tab.
  • After that, you need to choose the quality of the video or resolution.
  • Then, click on the download button to save the video

This is the way that you can follow for downloading the video in the simplest manner. Thus, you can know about file vid and how to make your download easily.

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