Indian Company PeopleStronghas been awarded, recognised by clients and several industries especially because of its HR solutions. It has offices in Mumbai (Maharashtra), Gurgaon (Haryana), and Bengaluru (Karnataka). It The vision of PeopleStrong while creating the HR solutions is to:

  • Improve Indian HR
  • Prepare HR abiding HR methods of People Strong
  • Prepare Indian HR Outsourcing
  • Convince Firms and SMEs use PeopleStrong outsourcing
  • Use upgraded HR practices with office-workforce designs
  • Use the latest technology for Indian HR


PeopleStrong HR solution, ALT, is an ALTernate to the traditional methods of HRM management. ALT uses the automated and accurate method of HR management of businesses. ALT uses secure and safe tier 4 cloud technologies and mobile app. ALT is referred as India’s first cloud HR product. If one is interested, then one can use for 30 days for free. Thereafter, one has to buy Peoplestrong HR solutions to use the same.


General Features of the Products:

ALT allows users to work on the following:

  • Mould for HR professional is made
  • HP professional should join service firms.
  • HR managers should use latest technologies and make precise decisions.
  • HR manager should have a prominent place in the boardroom.
  • ALT is the best method of managing HR
  • Data available using ALT ensures the HR more calculated.
  • ALT algorithm frees the bandwidth from the HR Ops

Why buy ALT – PeopleStrong HR Product?

Modern HR Management Systems has to work smoothly with the business processes such that there is no disruption in workflow. Products like ALT for HR solutions are available in the market. These have best features while others have the best price.  It is very confusing for consumers to buy what is best. Features that are essential in any HRMS include:

  • HMRS should enable the user to realise the Company’s current and forecast needs. One should try for a five-year period.
  • One should account for any foreseen growth to find the system that works for the Company.
  • One should define one’s Company’s requirements.

Many special features have been added to PeopleStrong HR services. Thereby, the HRMS has excellent performance. Details of the features have been discussed below:

  • User-friendly – easy to use and implement
  • Accessibility – It is interoperable providing a single view of data. It is compatible with all IT and resources.
  • Security – Authentication and strong password. SSL protocol for secured and sensitive data and firewalls
  • Scalable
  • Can be analysed
  • Technical support is available
  • Floating Widget1 that could be used from anywhere and anytime. One requires an internet connection and Smartphone or tablet.
  • Easy to use


PeopleStrong HR solution ALT is the latest Indian HRM software. The product can be tried with no cost for a month. The product uses latest technologies of mobile app and cloud. PeopleStrong launches its latest and best HRM product. Hence, one can buy the following next generation from them.

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