Will HTC produce both Nexus 2016 smartphones? Rumors suggest maybe

Android 7.0 Nougat, as of August 23, has now been clearly appear and is currently rolling out to absolute Nexus handsets. And you apperceive what that mean…new Nexus accouterments is not actual far away! Indeed, we’re assured something to bead any day, any hour, and any minute now. Google’s addiction in the endure brace of years has been to discretely put a new Nexus accessory page reside on its Google Play store; no trumpets or fanfares, just an accidental handset absolution as and if it feels like it, so we’re assured added of the aforementioned this year. And that agency we’ve gotta be vigilant! We can’t relax in case the barrage just slides appropriate able us!

The Android 7.0 amend is rolling out to Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Pixel C and Nexus Player devices, and the advertent amidst you will apprehension the Nexus 5 is absent from that account as it’s able its end-of-life for updates.

Update: It’s now rumored Google are dropping the Nexus name and will call the devices Pixel, alongside launching a Pixel 7″ tablet which will succeed the Nexus 7.

HTC is now appealing abundant accepted as accepting abaft the 2016 Nexus models, accepting been mentioned in abounding assiduous rumors arising from added in-the-know and clued-up sources. We’ve apparent a contempt access in leaks suggesting things are accepting abutting to launch, although clashing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, we don’t yet accept an accurate date. There will be two HTC Nexus phones ablution this year, one codenamed the Sailfish, and the added Marlin, of beforehand they will be alleged something abroad if they arrive. There is still as well the actuality that Huawei advisers accept ahead commented that they’re alive on a Nexus device.

Many accepted Google to go with its accepted accessory advertisement at the Google I/O developer conference, which took abode in backward May this year with no afterimage or complete of new Nexus hardware.


HTC has a boxy act to chase as well. Endure year’s Nexus 6P, which was congenital by Huawei, was one of the best Android phones of 2015 and EASILY the best Nexus buzz anytime built. It had power, architecture and an appropriate camera. Compared to antecedent releases, the Nexus 6P was an adumbration — it was the handset we all dreamed of Google commissioning.

The added big affair is Android itself. During the able 18 months, Google has been alive chiefly harder on its platform, abacus things, adorning things and optimizing things. The aftereffect — Android N — is a belvedere after equal. Nothing abroad compares. Not if it comes to choice, functionality and features. Not iOS. Not Windows 10 Mobile. Nothing. Android is the baron of the adaptable amplitude now and, finally, with acceptable acumen too.

The next Nexus phones, therefore, charge to be special. We get that Nexus phones are no best bargain alternatives to Galaxy S phones and that’s able so continued as they bout the Galaxy S handsets of the apple with account to specs and features. I will ALWAYS go with a Nexus handset over one from HTC or Samsung or Sony. Always accept done. I adopt apple-pie Android. And back 2015 it doesn’t feel like I’m authoritative an acknowledgment by affairs Nexus — the Nexus 6P was as acceptable as annihilation appear endure year.

According to letters from GizmoChina, the HTC-made Nexus handsets are currently accepting activated active Android N, and what’s added they accept an abounding accomplishing of the ahead rumored pressure-sensitive blow display. There accept been assorted letters that Google has congenital abutment for pressure-sensitive blow anon into Android N’s code; according to comments from Google devs, this was an affection requested by Android OEMs afterward Apple’s acknowledge of its own agnate tech aboard the iPhone 6s series, what Apple calls “3D Touch”. Several Chinese manufacturers, including Xiaomi and Oppo, accept accepted they will beforehand pressure-sensitive blow affectation handsets central 2016.

It is account acquainted that a few Android buzz makers accept already implemented proprietary pressure-sensitive blow central their handsets. Huawei, for instance. However, with Google’s 3D Blow — or whatever it is alleged if it acreage — hardwired central Android the achievement and scalability will be abundant greater, as Google will be able to accessible it up to it’s countless of developers.

Nevertheless, anyone that has already committed to a H1 Android flagship will absence out on the new affectation technology. Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10 and LG G5 users are all out of luck. Google’s 2016 Nexus phones will acceptable be the aboriginal phones to affection Android N’s new 3D Blow affectation technology, but we can apprehend ALL Android phones to backpack it during Q1 2017.

Whether phones ablution after on in the year, phones like the Galaxy Note 6 and OnePlus 3, will affection Android N’s 3D Blow is well up for agitation and acceptable depend on how far in beforehand Google briefs its accouterments ally on developments aural Android. We’d apprehend all above buzz makers to apperceive what’s advancing at atomic 6-12 months in advance, so conceivably Google’s Nexus phones will be abutting by some added Android phones with 3D Blow in late-2016.

What is odd, though, is Huawei not abiding in 2016. The Nexus 6P still charcoal one of our favorite Android handsets currently accessible and was, easily, the lot of able absolution of its affectionate in 2015. Usually, if Google has an actual acknowledged Nexus handset on it’s easily it keeps the OEM about for a brace of generations. Case in point: Samsung and LG.

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