Samsung has decided from a very good basis for launching a different product and in last year with excellent designed Note 4, Samsung launched its experimental device the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Now guess what, the new devices seems like the future generation devices of the Samsung and this year we can expect the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 without doubts.

In the new Galaxy Note Edge, we have a curved display but however, to accommodate the curved screen have had to make a number of changes and commitments. The most striking at first glance is the material: aluminum goodbye, hello plastic. It’s a pretty subjective question. If we consider that is a smartphone with such a high price will usually demand that Samsung do not skimp on this section but you must understand that also have to accommodate a different screen and plastic, although aesthetically not look as good, makes the smartphone robust and aesthetically, at least in the white model does not look bad. May be in the next generation Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 we would have more choices in the color and better designed structure.

The other change we find in the Galaxy Note Edge to the Galaxy Note 4 is the distribution of the power button. Samsung has had to take it to the top and the result is quite uncomfortable. Given the size and shape of the phone and to reach it with one hand forces us to accommodate the phone to press it smoothly. The other option is to use both for fast applications that are not the best option. To turn at least we’ll always have the physical button on the bottom. These small improvements can make the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 a verdict.

In the current Edge, the curve of the screen, its differential element, extends along the right frame of the phone. The feel is strange at first but then it’s another part that is not surprising. The front space is well used but there is one major drawback: it is not a motive for lefties. Yes, despite being a mobile well built, the Note Edge is not a motive or lacks the determination for the left-handed people. But you could use the phone with the reverse screen, as there is an option. Understandably, having most skilled will think more about them but in any case can not be said to be a phablet Note Edge designed for use with one hand at times. So, without any doubts here in this section Samsung needs to work if there is any plan for the release of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2.

In the previous Note, the relationship of size and weight is correct, neither too light nor too heavy. In the design elements of Note 4 and are kept small hump audio jack that put on the table makes swinging a bit if we press on one of its top corners. So, overall, this year too we would face another beast with bents on the right and left and hope Samsung would dub this device as the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2.

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